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    Intelligent maintenance and process control solutions

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    Unexpected interruptions and outdated IT infrastructures and technologies are the most significant challenges for 90% of process and production industry companies. Intelligent maintenance and process control make the monitoring and management of production systems, automation solutions and the connected equipment run more smoothly and effortlessly. 

    Insta offers a continuously developing range of software, systems and products that are based on its customers’ needs and support them in the monitoring and maintenance of their plants’ productivity and other key aspects. Our solutions help customers collect, combine and analyse data, which makes it easier for them to predict and optimise costs related to maintenance. Our solutions also serve as communication and documentation tools for maintenance services.

    Insta Effect™ – plant productivity at full capacity

    Insta Effect™ is a modern, customisable, customer-specific asset management service concept for electrical automation. It is based on opportunities offered by digitalisation, analytics and life-cycle management. Insta Effect enables intelligent maintenance, monitoring and reporting solutions that improve the production capacity of the production line and the plant by as much as 15% and significantly reduce energy consumption. It also reduces the risk of accidents, environmental and property damage, and uncontrolled interruptions in production decrease.

    The process begins with an analysis of the current situation. We use artificial intelligence and analytics to optimise processes and adjustments. Our range of services also includes the monitoring of adjustment capabilities based on machine learning, as well as life-cycle management. Our expertise in artificial intelligence makes it possible to build a digital twin of a process in accordance with our customers’ needs.

    InstaWahti – a software family for the challenging needs of production plants

    InstaWahti is a versatile family of cloud-based software. Its products have been developed for process reporting, alarms, service and maintenance, as well as energy and asset management, in response to the challenging needs of production plants. They help our customers improve product quality control and traceability, predict maintenance needs more effectively and produce reports for the authorities more effortlessly.    

    The software collects and processes data about processes, and makes the management of the production system’s efficiency run more smoothly. It also reduces the work needed to produce reports and optimizes the energy and chemical consumption of the site. Employees can read service information from the maintenance system directly on a mobile device on the installation site. Alarm verification and transmission functions forward alarms sent to the system directly to the relevant employees, using their chosen methods of communication.    

    iA-Support – carefree life-cycle management for maintenance contract customers  

    iA-Support is cloud-based communication and document management software for the life-cycle management of automation systems for our maintenance contract customers. Through the service, customers can view documents related to their systems, update their software, send work orders to Insta and monitor the progress of tasks and projects. 

    iA-Service is an easy-to-use, browser-based service that stores service and maintenance plans, information about completed maintenance work, and spare part lists. It can be expanded to cover all up-to-date documents necessary for maintenance and life-cycle management. This ensures that software, maintenance plans and documents related to electricification, instrumentation and automation, as well as other documents, are stored and remain available on Insta’s secure server.

    Industrial cyber security – safe digitalisation

    A modern industrial automation system includes many types of automation protocols and connectivity solutions, and also needs to be connected to the world outside the factory network. A wide range of devices are also involved, and their needs must be known. Industrial cyber security protects the devices and networks in an automation system, taking their special features into account effectively and proportionately to the risk. We know how to scale cyber security to the needs of each organisation and technology. This also produces the most cost-effective solution.

    We always take cyber security considerations into account and cooperate with other leading expert organisations in security. We continuously follow and respond to trends in the field. We provide our customers with training and help them find their optimal information security practices, solutions and services.

    iNetti – real-time monitoring for contract maintenance

    Intended for our electricity distribution customers, iNetti is an equipment base maintenance system that notifies the customer of maintenance needs in advance. The software is easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices. iNetti makes it possible to monitor contract maintenance in real time and store equipment-specific documents, such as maintenance records, drawings and software, for future reference. 

    Its versatile search function can be used to locate equipment based on equipment type, location or measure. Its equipment-specific log facilitates communication between the customer and maintenance employees. The administrator has access to the customer’s equipment base to ensure the quick availability of spare parts or replacement equipment in fault situations.

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