Lasting competitive advantage through combining growth and responsibility

The chemical industry is at the centre of several scenarios contemplating the future of planet Earth. In the era of responsibility, economic growth can no longer be based on overconsumption of natural resources, and carbon dioxide emissions lay down tighter framework conditions for growth than before. Global perspectives arise, such as world-wide competition on the one hand, and sufficient clean food and water as well as natural resources and energy for a growing population on the other hand.

Trusted Technology Partner in Chemical Industry

Insta has several decades of experience of customership within the chemical industry, encompassing the entire life-cycle of electrical automation. We offer automation and electrical planning, system delivery for automation, electrical and automation installations, and general deliveries of automation installations and electric automation of certified quality and according to HSEQ assessment – without superfluous disruptions of production.

Our smart solutions for the industry improve the productivity of production processes, quality, safety and flexibility, and decrease environmental impact, risks and costs. We help customers utilise data for optimising and enhancing their processes through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Towards carbon neutrality

At the beginning of 2019, the chemical industry decided to strive for carbon neutrality within the industry in Finland by 2045. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of operations, aspiring towards carbon neutrality also entails increasing the carbon handprint through new raw materials and the circular economy.

Test tube containing chemicalliquid
Chemical industry

Our services for Chemical industry

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