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Elevate Your Stage

In performance art productions, essential elements include safety, smooth execution, and the reliability of the control system. We deliver the most demanding stage technology projects that meet the international criteria with more than 20 years of experience and with the confidence of being the market leader in Finland.

Harness the Magic of Modern Stage Mechanisms

In theaters, concert halls, and other performance venues, automation engineered for industrial needs produces magical results. While interfaces and controls are tailored to performance needs, the implementation utilizes hardware and components developed for industry.

Above all, safety, usability, versatility, and reliability are demanded. When stage mechanisms perform flawlessly, the audience doesn't even notice the technology's presence.

Many performers on the stage of the theater, a round stage element with lights above.
A ballet dancer performs classical ballet on the stage of the opera house.
Stage technology

Captivating movement, speed, and precision for the stage with automation

Stage technology or mechanics refer to mechanical devices used to move sets, performers, or other elements used in performances. Examples include overhead lifts, floor lifts, or turntables.

Automation allows the programming of functions that would be impossible with other methods. Larger and heavier set pieces can be moved individually or in groups with precision, repeatability, and even at high speeds. Accelerations, decelerations, and delays can be programmed, allowing devices to adjust their speed or trigger other devices upon reaching a certain point.

Innovative solutions and tools for professionals

Understanding the nature of operations and user needs is crucial in stage projects. With over 20 years of experience as a market leader in Finland, Insta considers staff preferences and needs from the project planning stage onwards. Leveraging our experience with international-level requirements, we offer top-notch stage technology solutions. Our implementations have involved highly demanding mechanisms and unique solutions.

The fourth-generation Insta Whisper control system, based on intelligent user interfaces and safety automation, is built on the latest web technologies. The interface can be customized to meet customer needs. Smooth creation of performances is facilitated with ergonomically designed wired and wireless controllers for stage technology.

A single interruption or cancellation can result in losses of tens of thousands of euros. The safety features of the control system, device-specific automation centers, backup centers, and redundant systems ensure the reliability of stage technology. Devices undergo extensive load and performance tests before commissioning, and safety is ensured through annual maintenance and performance tests.

Dancers in their red costumes run on stage, smoke in the air.

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