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Reliable services that benefit the environment and water service processes

Clean water is something Finland is proud of. We engage in continuous product development in order to make water services even more reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. This is how we can take care of people and keep the environment clean.

We maintain the sustainability of Finnish water services together

Water services are invisible but necessary. Delivering clean water to consumers and treating wastewater are key priorities for the security of supply. Because of the high quality of water services in Finland, they are easily taken for granted. However, at worst, disturbances in water services can result in water shortages and serious health risks.

Backed by the Finnish Emergency Powers Act, water services comprise taking surface water or groundwater, treating the water, and then conveying it to consumers as well as the sewerage and treatment related to wastewater. Phenomena such as urbanization and climate change pose challenges for water services, while digitalization and smarter technology offer new opportunities in the field.

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Our versatile services for water service organizations

We have delivered a remote monitoring system and water supply automation that cover up to three million Finnish people. We have more than 25 years of experience in working with this critical natural resource, delivering the necessary automation, electrification, and digitalization services to our water service customers. During this time, automation has evolved, the security landscape has changed, and preparation for special circumstances has become increasingly important.

We execute diverse electrical, instrumentation, and automation design projects as well as turnkey deliveries in areas including water intake, water distribution wastewater sewerage, and wastewater treatment. Each day, we work to maintain the life cycle of many water service companies’ systems. Several water service companies use our control room solutions for controlling their water supply and distribution operations as well as wastewater treatment and pumping.


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Finns live within Insta's water supply automation coverage.
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Safe and Efficient Solutions for Water Supply

Is modernization of automation system, process enhancement, or perhaps control room renovation and intelligent analytics currently relevant to you?

Explore our services and get in touch with us or be inspired by our customer stories.

Digitalization drives reliable and cost-effective water treatment

Water treatment processes are required to be reliable and cost-effective. Digitalization – including virtual modeling – provides several ways to ensure this. We have delivered water treatment automation to various indoor and outdoor public swimming pools. The controlled equipment, motors, and valves deliver continuous data, which can be rapidly analyzed by modern database-type control room systems. This data enables monitoring the stability of water quality, concentrations of chemicals, flow rates, and pressures, which our software combines to deliver a clear visual situational picture.

We engage in continuous product development concerning our software in order to make water services even more reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Security improvements include AI-based intelligent analytics that enable detecting deviations in the system even before they lead to malfunctions.

In addition, through training and cyber security exercises, we coach our customers on preparing for risks thatcan jeopardize their operational reliability. Our realistic, simulated preparedness exercises improve the customer company’s incident processes and their employees’ readiness to act in crisis situations.

Water supply

Our services for water supply

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Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering Services

We are an experienced and proficient partner in engineering automation, instrumentation and electrification solutions. Our services cover new investment projects and investments in changes and modifications, from preliminary design to commissioning.

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