Safe society requires secure digitalization

Public authorities’ work and public services are being digitalized ever more rapidly, making cyber security critical for the continuity of services. For the safety of its citizens, society’s digital services need to function efficiently.

A reliable partner in fail-safe systems

The more critical services and systems are digitalized, the more important it is to ensure their reliability together with service and system continuity. As a partner for our customers, we make sure that authorities’ systems and governance systems, as well as services offered to citizens are digitalized in a logical, controlled and secure manner. We are experts in such areas as emergency response and alarm center solutions, cyber security solutions and services, situational awareness solutions, as well as systems enabling prediction and monitoring.

Insta Security Operations Center

Our services for public authorities

Lock cyber security Insta

Cyber security

Cyber security consulting and services

Our services enable your company to choose the right strategies for managing cyber risks. With our assistance, you can also implement the strategies, policies, guidelines, and requirements needed to develop information security and data protection.

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