Employees of Insta and a customer at the Mustalammi water intake

Supporting you throughout the life cycle of production facilities and equipment

Your life-cycle partner for industrial automation, electrification, and digitalization

Preventive maintenance according to the life-cycle plan ensures the reliability of production and extends the service life of equipment. As your partner, Insta will support you throughout the system life cycle from planning to maintenance over the years. We not just measure or maintain – we build the future together with the customer.

Life-cycle planning minimizes the risks, costs, and environmental impact as well as contributes to timely investments

In electrical automation, the goal of life-cycle planning is to optimize the life-cycle cost of a system or piece of equipment, minimize its environmental impact, and manage the risks involved.

Effective life-cycle planning and maintenance enable significant cost reductions. Reducing the environmental impact of products and services may include improving resource-efficiency and energy-efficiency as well as the reuse of materials. Professional life-cycle planning can identify and manage the risks concerning a system or piece of equipment, thereby preventing unforeseen production outages or malfunctions.

Insta employee and customer of Tampere Energy at the Hakametsä heating plant.

Our life-cycle services ensure operability even under demanding conditions

Our life-cycle services include safety and modernization surveys, replacements, overhaul services, spare part deliveries, and operation and maintenance training for the personnel. We work with production facilities, automation systems and electrical automation equipment, providing life-cycle planning and life-cycle service implementation. We are independent of any specific systems or equipment, which means that we will always deliver the technology that serves the customer in the best possible way.

We can help you keep your processes running and ensure uninterrupted deliveries. Our life-cycle services ensure the operability of electrical automation systems and equipment even under demanding conditions.

Goodwork Oy's fitters in Boliden's yard at Harjavallan Suurteollisuuspuisto

The guidelines for life-cycle management are defined together

Our life-cycle services for customer systems or equipment cover the planning, implementation of actions, and maintenance in the scope agreed upon with the customer. We can offer you the maintenance and development services for automation and electrical systems as well as the training and on-call services you need.

In addition to contract-specific service packages, we offer life cycle, upkeep, and maintenance services as separate project-specific services.

After defining the guidelines with you, we can start going through your equipment systematically and prepare a long-term plan that presents the future maintenance needs of your equipment. We carefully document all of the work.

Insta employee at the heating plant with a portable laptop.

Life-cycle services for electrical distribution equipment

Maintenance and life-cycle service contracts

We have developed our contract model for maintenance and life-cycle services over the course of more than 20 years, and we offer it to our customers operating in water services, energy production and distribution, stage technology, and the food industry. Among other things, it includes on-call service around the clock, the documentation and life-cycle management service Insta Wahti Support, which we developed for automation systems based on customer needs, and a contractual operating model based on the SOPIVA guidelines by the National Emergency Supply Agency.

Employees of the Insta Electricity Distribution Unit working at a transformer.

Life-cycle services for electrical distribution equipment

Maintenance of electrical distribution equipment requires special expertise, and the convention within the industry is to outsource this activity. As a life-cycle partner for electrical distribution equipment, we offer preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance, and optimized replacements under customer-specific partner contracts in order to secure the undisturbed operation of the electrical distribution equipment and minimize unplanned malfunctions. In addition to the maintenance of electric power distribution equipment, the contract can include preventive maintenance and replacements of frequency converters, carbon brush maintenance of DC equipment, and keeping an inventory of carbon brushes.

Goodwork Oy's fitters in Boliden's yard at Harjavallan Suurteollisuuspuisto

Regular collaboration for production facilities’ life-cycle planning and maintenance needs

Outsourcing your facility’s planning and establishment of projects to Insta enables you to focus on your business – while we handle the optimization and further development of your automation, electrification, and instrumentation solutions. As a locally operating planning and project unit, we will take care of all life-cycle planning and maintenance needs of electrical automation systems, subsystems, and equipment. Our services have helped customers gain significant cost savings and productivity and safety improvements.

DS Smith's Tampere factory photographed from the air.

Comprehensive partnership in maintenance

Our services also include the comprehensive maintenance and life-cycle management of production technology. This continuous service is offered on location at the customer’s facility. Our partnership model is designed to be as simple and interactive as possible. We carry out maintenance and upkeep activities at the customer’s facility according to the agreed needs, and our services may also include regulatory responsibilities in terms of electrical supervision and operation management. We can also help with procurement, if needed.

Employee of Insta and customer from Tampereen Energia in front of a heating plant.
Tampereen Energia meets the challenges posed by climate change with support from Insta

Insta’s maintenance and development services secure the availability of district heating

Tampereen Energia chose Insta to take care of the maintenance and development tasks of the PLCs used at district heating centers, pumping stations, and mobile district cooling containers. This equipment secures the availability of facilities during production and contributes to keeping the overall system functional.

– During production, availability is essential, and the immediate response to malfunctions is required. Insta’s services have been quick. The work has been great, and the related reports have been delivered swiftly, explains Electrical Supervisor Heikki Paasikko from Tampereen Energia.

Data brings intelligence and forecasting into maintenance

Maintenance and renovation of equipment are also needed for the collection and transfer of data. System and equipment upgrades and replacements provide opportunities to create something new and develop the business further through digitalization.

Decades of experience in working in industrial environments and investments in continuous development make us a qualified partner for data-driven industrial maintenance projects. Industrial data projects make production processes more stable, improve productivity, and create forecast models and engines that contribute to better adjustment and control of maintenance and production.

Intelligent maintenance based on measurements and data analysis drives sustainable development, improves competitiveness, and acts as a strategic tool. Since intelligent maintenance is guided by expected changes in equipment condition that are forecast based on regular measurements rather than running hours or production volumes, it reduces the risk of production failures.

Total optimized preventive maintenance is reflected in production through various production methods and strategies. It refers to advance measures for optimizing the production capability and equipment lifespan. This ensures the reliability of production and extends the service life of equipment.

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