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Industrial digitalization is good for business as well as society

Industrial digitalization and data management build a better tomorrow

Digitalization is a force that is changing the way in which industry operates and succeeds. Industrial digitalization and data-based management are common topics especially when discussing ways to boost operational efficiency. Data is also a decision-making tool for improving the sustainability of production.

A competent, reliable partner enables informed development

Sustainability guides industrial business operations toward the reduction of emissions or using raw materials and goods more efficiently. However, in order to meet sustainability targets, a company must genuinely understand its complex production environment as well as the related processes. This is not possible without high-quality data. Instead, it requires advanced data collection, analysis, and control capabilities.

Decades of experience in working in industrial environments and investments in continuous development make Insta a qualified and reliable partner for industrial data projects. We work with our customers to implement projects that make production processes more stable, raise productivity through resource efficiency and better quality, and create forecast models and engines that enable adjusting and controlling maintenance and production better.

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Various improvements through industrial digitalization

Industrial digitalization has become a significant factor in boosting companies’ operations and maintaining their competitiveness. Data-based solutions help reduce waste, optimize the carbon footprint, and improving quality, while enabling more precise, faster, and more predictable operations.

There are many different ways of utilizing data in industrial applications. In the food industry, for example, a platform for data collection and analysis enables the transparent and systematic management of measures that aim at reducing food waste. In product management, a data-based calculation model enables establishing an overview of the entire production for objectively assessing product profitability.

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Start using data in an agile way – we can help you identify the opportunities that are provided by digitalization in your business

Even though you know your own business the best, once you become our customer, we can help you find various ways to utilize data so that you can meet your customers’ needs even better.

Our strong competence in automation, cloud technologies, and data solutions, makes us an excellent candidate whether you are looking for a development partner or someone to help you with your industrial data project or perform practical work. We adapt and scale the technology always according to the customer’s needs in order to find the best solutions for each customer from SMBs to large corporations. We utilize the latest technologies, such as the Siemens Industrial Edge and Microsoft Azure services.

We can provide you with professional help for all the stages of digitalization and data-based management:

  • assessment of the current situation

  • preparation of action proposals that support innovation in line with your budget

  • and change management in your organization.

We can also provide you with a project manager for all the stages of digital transformation, if needed.

Good data management is essential for business

Today, industrial companies are aware of how important data is for their business. An integral element of this is data management. Good data management includes several key areas that help ensure the quality, security, availability, and effective utilization of data. In order to develop the business further with data, it is necessary to have high-quality, relevant data.

The most important features of the data are:

  • good accessibility

  • integrity

  • high quality

  • relevance to the business.

Having a carefully designed data strategy and data management practices is essential for industrial companies of all sizes. Good data management requires a systematic approach that considers the entire life cycle of data. It is important to set clear practices and regularly track them in order to ensure the high quality and effective management of data.

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“Digitalization” must not mean “vulnerability” – we invest in robust information security at all levels.

Although industrial companies that utilize digitalization have gained significant improvements in their operations, there are also fears related to the collection, storage, and sharing of data. It is true that information security threats are present in every step of the design as well as the implementation of industrial systems and their components. However, secure digitalization enables controlling the security risks.

All data solutions implemented by Insta are designed with cyber security in mind. Our competence in secure industrial digitalization is based on our extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining security-critical systems. We also offer comprehensive solutions for guarding against industrial cyber threats and help our customers find the most suitable secure practices and services for them.

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