The frequency converters of Valio's R2 plant

Strong customer understanding and project management guarantee successful implementation

Turnkey delivery of automation, electrification, and digitalization projects is the surest and easiest choice

The turnkey delivery of automation, electrification, instrumentation, and digitalization solutions is a cost-efficient option that provides life cycle security. One reliable partner – the leading Finnish expert in electrical automation – bears all the responsibility.

Versatile turnkey deliveries for industrial needs

When one reliable partner is responsible for the whole delivery, this minimizes surprises and keeps the project on schedule. You will get all the services that you need from a single supplier, and that makes the purchasing and implementation easy and effortless. The key components of a successful project include good project management, competent personnel, and the proper allocation of resources.

Insta is a Finnish and agile partner that has decades of experience in comprehensive automation, electrification, and digitalization solutions and project deliveries that are tailored to the customer’s individual needs. Our turnkey deliveries are increasingly connected with industrial data-centric solutions that boost production efficiency and enable the data-based management of the business.

We execute various turnkey deliveries for industrial and production facilities, power generation and distribution, water service processes, and stage technology projects. Our competence is backed by our strong understanding of the intricacies of our customers’ industry-specific processes. Our special expertise includes solid project management culture and experience.

An Insta employee and a customer are standing behind a row of milk cans at Valio's R2 snack factory.

A ready to use electrification and automation solution with included life-cycle services

As a one-stop-shop partner in industrial automation, instrumentation, electrification, and digitalization, we can help with the entire life cycle of your investment, from the preliminary design to maintenance and modernizations. Turnkey deliveries – from small parts of a larger system to extensive investment projects – are our specialty.

We are able to implement nearly all electrification, automation, instrumentation, and digitalization services with our in-house personnel. By comprehensively offering all the related services from engineering, programming, and cabinet manufacturing to installations, equipment deliveries, testing, commissioning, and training, we can ensure the compliance as well as functionality of the system that we deliver.

An Insta employee and customer at Helen's Katri Vala heat pump plant.

In electrification projects, we can take care of the project management, design, power system analysis and calculations, construction, maintenance and upkeep, and equipment deliveries, including power station and equipment buildings, medium-voltage equipment, and medium and high-voltage transformers. Our offering has expanded toward more extensive and demanding turnkey deliveries in electrification all the way up to 110 kV high-voltage projects.

We also offer comprehensive life-cycle and maintenance services for our turnkey deliveries, including 24/7 on-call service, remote connection services, periodic testing services, and a spare part service.

In the picture on the right, Markus Happonen and Arto Hoffren of Kuopion Vesi and Kimmo Suonperä and Jari Niemi of Insta at the Itkonniemi water plant.
PVO-Vesivoima Oy's Jumisko hydropower plant
Modern electrical and automation systems increase the effectiveness and reliability of production

PVO-Vesivoima and Insta boost effectiveness and flexibility at the Jumisko hydropower plant

Insta carried out the renovation of the automation and electrical systems of the Jumisko hydropower plant and Isojärvi pumping station for PVO-Vesivoima in connection with the overhaul of the equipment. Following the overhaul, the plant’s efficiency improved by approximately 6% and power increased by 2 MW. With better control options and energy efficiency, the plant is more capable of flexibly producing essential balancing power for the electrical system.

– We see Insta as a company that listens to the customer and works flexibly. For us, it means a lot that a supplier can challenge decisions, when necessary. We were positively surprised that Insta had excellent suggestions and ideas already at the sale and tender stage, says Development Manager Juha Kähkölä.

Valio's Pekka Maalo and Instan's Antti Laaksonen at Valio's R1 factory.
Reducing waste was one of the top priorities in a modernization project

New dairy automation for Valio’s R1 plant was implemented as a turnkey delivery

The modernization of the food industry’s production plants cannot involve long production outages. In the renovation of automation for Valio’s R1 plant, a quick switchover was made possible with good collaboration and advance planning as well as the utilization of a digital twin in process simulation.

Technical Specialist Pekka Maalo and Automation Technician Iiro Simola from Valio say that the collaboration with Insta went well. The secrets behind the project’s success were planning meetings between Valio and Insta and tackling challenges together as they were encountered.

– Insta is a great supplier that has lots of expertise. It is important for us that Insta delivers on its promises, Mr. Maalo and Mr. Simola conclude.

Our turnkey deliveries utilize the most appropriate technology from the customer’s perspective

We have an extensive network of locations from Helsinki all the way to Northern Finland, which ensures quick and professional service throughout Finland.

We deliver high-performing systems that seamlessly integrate with the customer’s operating environment, backed by our decades of experience in demanding process automation and electrification contracts. We consider the customer’s application and choose the equipment, systems, and solutions that are the most appropriate and that offer the longest service life. Our supplier partners are the leading brands in electrical automation, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Rockwell, and Omron.

Our versatile experience in various data-driven automation solutions ensures that the different interfaces of the turnkey delivery can communicate seamlessly. Our software solutions help collect, combine, and analyze data, which makes it easier to anticipate and optimize the maintenance costs.

A Porvoo water employee with a tablet in his hand.

Our turnkey deliveries include the following, for example:

  • Project management

  • Automation and electrical design

  • System design

  • Functional specifications

  • User interfaces, SCADA systems, and control room systems

  • Application programming

  • Data platforms and data repositories

  • Material and equipment deliveries

  • Automation and electrical cabinets

  • Installations

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Life-cycle services, maintenance, and further development

A drawing describing Insta's strengths in turn-key deliveries.

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