Insta's automation designers in FAT room

Reliable expertise in electrical, instrumentation, and automation engineering

Your experienced electrical, instrumentation, and automation engineering partner for industrial applications

We serve all areas of industrial electrical, instrumentation, and automation engineering from small subprojects to demanding extensive investment projects. Our long experience with industrial processes and versatile technological competence give us the ability to understand and solve our customers’ genuine challenges.

Competent electrical, instrumentation, and automation design for production development and plant projects

We offer electrical, instrumentation, and automation design services for new industrial projects as well as modifications from preliminary design, project design, and concepting to implementation design. Whether you need to design industrial processes, facilities, production lines, or machinery, we are ready to meet your needs and create genuine added value for your business.

We offer versatile expertise in electrical, instrumentation, and automation design. We combine our extensive experience in a range of different sectors as well as production optimization and maintenance solutions with an agile and customer-oriented approach. We utilize the industry’s best practices, modern technology, AI, and our extensive partner network in order to design solutions that are the most appropriate for you and that are viable in terms of life-cycle analysis.

Two Insta designers are sitting looking at the control room view of the automation system.

We know the special needs of the industries

We are a trusted life-cycle partner for several of our customers that operate in demanding sectors that are critical to the security of supply. We have gained experience from industrial turnkey deliveries to various industries. As a result, we know how to design cost-efficient, high-quality solutions that are viable from a life-cycle analysis perspective. We have been praised for our designers’ high level of competence as well as their knowledge of the process, equipment, environmental, and documentation requirements.

In addition to electrical, instrumentation, and automation design, we provide competent project management and installation supervision services as well as offer comprehensive software for data collection, reporting, and analytics, which we have developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Manager and fitter of Insta Automation at Tammervoima's Tarastenjärvi utility power plant site.

Engineering services

Factory service partnership addresses your life-cycle design and maintenance needs

Our factory service design is a concept in which we take care of the optimization of a production facility’s electrical, instrumentation, and automation solutions as well as their further development as the customer’s dedicated, local design, life-cycle and project unit. An essential aspect of this partnership are annual outages that ensure production facilities’ availability and safety.

Allow us take care of the overall responsibility for the life-cycle design and maintenance needs of electrical automation systems so that you can focus on your core business. We will handle the optimization and further development of your automation, electrification, and instrumentation solutions.

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