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Meet the challenges of industrial business with the best software tools

Industrial products and software are at the core of modern business

The industry is becoming digitalized at an accelerating pace, and software plays a key role in that. Software can be used in order to refine data, establish a situational picture, identify recommended actions, and control automated processes.

Software design based on customers’ actual needs

Insta’s history of designing software for various industrial sectors reaches back several years. Over time, the software applications have evolved from simple PLC software to connected solutions that integrate data from across the company. Today, software solutions enable the optimization of production and quality, anticipation of errors, and improvement of safety.

Our software design process always starts with the customer’s genuine needs, and we do extensive customer-specific customization. We solve customers’ challenges using the best tools that are available on the market. Through our partnership with Siemens and Microsoft, we have the opportunity to utilize their state-of-the-art software products as part of our proposed solutions.

Factory workers in a factory environment with their backs to the camera, looking at a portable laptop.

Modern software for a range of different applications

Two engineers in a wider image follow assembly process uses SCADA system. Group of operators control process on product line uses industry 4.0 and digital technology on modern factory.

Insta Wahti™ – a range of services for demanding needs at production facilities

Developed based on Finnish expertise, the Insta Wahti™ suite offers easy-to-use tools for collecting and storing data, reporting, alarm forwarding, maintenance, data visualization, and analytics. Insta Wahti™ was developed based on actual customer needs. It is developed continuously, and it supports the customer in the monitoring and maintenance of the factory’s productivity and other key factors. Collecting, combining, and analyzing data makes it easier to anticipate and optimize costs.

The finger points to the screen which shows the Insta Industrial Dataplatform.

Utilizing data for better business operations – an intelligent industrial data platform

Based on Microsoft Azure technology, Insta Industrial Dataplatform accelerates the customers’ ability to collect data from automation and IT systems as well as production, analyze it, and use it for data based leadership. The data platform creates an ecosystem that enables the company to integrate the best optimization solutions into their operations. It provides a central situational picture and up-to-date reports that enable making better, data-based decisions. The visualized situational picture and analysis that are formed from the data allow for determining the root causes and help experts make better decisions in the control rooms and in the field.

An Insta employee and a customer are standing on top of the water tower, posing with the Insta Wave measurement solution.

Insta Wave – A wireless IoT solution for a range of different measurement applications

In addition to software products, we offer wireless measurement solutions. The Insta Wave measurement system enables collecting measurement data from unelectrified units across a broad geographical area and using this data as a part of the automation system. Insta Wave utilizes radio frequencies that do not require a special radio permit. The LoRa technology is immune to disturbances, enables long range, and is independent of operator networks. The equipment was designed in Finland for the Nordic weather conditions and it delivers a range of more than 20 km. The product includes cyber security protection.

An Insta employee is standing by the transformer. He has pasted a sticker on the door of the substation and is looking at the camera.

iNetti enables the real-time tracking of contracted service

iNetti is an equipment maintenance system that is designed for our customers in electrical distribution maintenance. It provides advance notifications of maintenance needs. The software enables tracking contracted service operations in real time and storing the service documentation for each piece of equipment, including service records, drawings, and software, for future reference. The comprehensive search function supports searches by equipment type, location, or action, for example.

The stage of the theater is photographed from the front. In the foreground of the picture is a theater technician at the control table with his back to the camera.

Insta Whisper does not compromise on safety with stage technology

The fourth-generation stage technology control system Insta Whisper is designed for delivering memorable audience experiences effortlessly, precisely, and safely. The Whisper control system is well suited for the ever changing stage conditions because it was specially designed for these environments. The user interface is based on the latest web technologies. It can be customized according to customer needs, and it is easy to use as well as pleasant to look at. Carefully designed, high-quality controls give the final touches to the Insta Whisper user experience.

We also provide our customers with service models based on specific needs. Their implementation may include consulting in terms of the business-oriented utilization of data as well as service and product design built around design sprints. The approaches and tools used in such extensive utilization of data for boosting customers’ operational efficiency are primarily not bound to any specific industry.

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