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Automation cabinets for demanding conditions from the leading manufacturer in Finland

Customer-oriented and reliable contract manufacturing of high-quality electrical and automation cabinets

As the leading manufacturer in Finland, we make tailored electrical and automation cabinets for demanding conditions, including in the marine industry and food industry. We serve our customers around the world quickly, cost-efficiently, and flexibly.

Cabinet manufacturing focuses on the customer

Our cabinet manufacturing goes beyond building cabinets – it is about having an in-depth understanding of diagrams and each customer. Customer-orientation defines our approach – we have the vision to reach solutions that might never even occurred to you.

Many of our customer relationships are long-term partnerships that are built on trust. Long collaboration guarantees that we know our customers and understand what they want and need. In our operations, we emphasize good partnership, customer-orientation, speed, and flexibility. We have been praised for our agile way of managing resources and orders.

A fitter of Insta manufacturing an automation cabinet.

Our automation cabinets are worth your trust

Automation cabinets contain various connections and components that must remain reliably in place and work flawlessly. Each year, we make thousands of manually crafted electrical, automation, and control cabinets in Finland and deliver them across the globe. Our process is characterized by precision, and our cabinets deliver consistent performance in power plants, marine vessels, water pumping stations, factories, mines, trains, sawmills, papermills, cranes, and even oil rigs.

We can provide you with high-quality cabinets that pass measurements using calibrated instruments and functional testing and that are delivered on time as agreed upon. Our expertise covers the manufacture of automation and logic cabinets, control cabinets and motor control cabinets, and control desks and enclosures as well as pneumatic cabinets in a range of different colors and materials. In addition, we make insulated and heated outdoor cabinets.

A close-up of the automation cabinet, wires and components in front, an out-of-focus person in the background.

Cost-efficient cabinet manufacturing requires smooth production

We can make cabinets based on individual orders as well as under manufacturing contracts at our Finnish facilities in Tampere and Muurame. The scale of individual orders varies from small tasks to year-long projects, and we may have dozens of projects under way at a given time. We are continuously making our processes smoother with a Lean model.

Safety and quality are the top priorities in our production. We operate according to the ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard. We also employ an ISO 45001 certified occupational health and safety management system.

The shortage of materials and components caused by the global events has had wide-reaching effects. At our facilities, we have kept component inventories as high as possible in order to ensure quick delivery times. In our production, we use well-known quality components from brands including Phoenix Contact, ABB, Siemens, and Schneider.

Fitters of Insta lifting a part of automation cabinet.

Customer-specific special tests and simulations accelerate commissioning

We are involved in our customers’ product development process, and we test and inspect all of our cabinets before delivery. We use calibrated testing instruments, and our testers have the necessary expertise and training. All of our cabinets include a test certificate. The customers’ own FAT tests can be performed at our facilities. We can support you with the performance of FAT tests or perform them on your behalf, as necessary.

We support complete software testing and parameterization. We perform customer-specific special tests and simulations that accelerate commissioning. The simulation service that we have developed based on customer needs enables us to deliver fully installation-ready cabinets to shipyards, for example. We have developed a simulation system for the control cabinets for auxiliary boilers that are used in the marine industry. The system enables us to test boiler functionality in a fully simulated environment and then deliver a completely installation-ready auxiliary boiler control cabinet to the customer.

Fitters of Insta hunched over automation cabinets.
The cable is attached to the automation cabinet with a small screwdriver.
Working with Valmet for several decades

A partnership based on trust and open dialog

In 2002, Metso Automation Networks – today known as Valmet – signed a contract with Insta on the manufacture of automation cabinets. The companies have been working together for more than 20 years, and their partnership is based on demonstrably high performance and open dialogue.

– We look for partners that we can trust and with whom we can have an open discussion. For us, Insta is a familiar, reliable company: They are a trusted partner that consistently delivers high quality. Whenever there have been issues, we have been able to resolve them constructively. We have been happy to work with Insta for more than 20 years, says Valmet’s Supply Chain Engineer Petri Raiskila.

– It is important to have flexibility and the ability to make quick changes. Sometimes there are situations where manufacturing is ongoing, and you need to be able to stop what you are doing and make a U-turn. Not every company can do this. I would say that this is one of Insta’s strengths.

We know the regulations applicable on land and sea – and offer our expertise to customers

We supply cabinets to various challenging industrial sectors, such as the energy, food, and marine industries. The manufacture of machinery and equipment is subject to various industry- and country-specific regulations and standards. In addition to the laws and standards effective on land, the marine industry has classification rules that apply to shipbuilding, and their objective is to ensure that the vessels are safe and seaworthy. In addition to the quality requirements, the marine sector emphasizes good project management and the ability to react quickly because the extreme precision of deliveries is an essential requirement.

Understanding the applicable regulations and certificates is important, and the support that an experienced partner can provide you is highly valuable, particularly when expanding to new markets. We collaborate with various marine classification bodies, among others, and we can take care of the classification process for you.

One of the key standards for electrical equipment and components is the UL Standard by the safety certification body Underwriters Laboratories. We have received the UL508A certificate, which ensures that our automation cabinets meet the North American electrical safety standards in all respects. The range of the various UL projects that we have completed varies from designing new cabinets to modifications of existing IEC cabinets. We also offer expert assistance for supplying systems that include electrical and automation cabinets to the North American market.

Certificates and classifications used in our cabinet manufacturing.

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