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Aviation products

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We are improving the availability and performance of our customers' aircraft systems throughout their lifecycle.

We are also active in improving aircrew safety with the help of new personal flight equipment.

Innovative aviation technology products, modifications and systems

We continuously work in close cooperation with our customers in research and product development. Product development enables us to solve our customers’ challenges and build new capabilities. Together with the Finnish Defence Forces, we have developed several products to improve operational reliability, aviation safety and aircraft system performance. We have deep expertise in aviation systems as well as complete capability to design, manufacture and test military aviation equipment.

Our internationally commercialised products include the Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor (IPBAM), a hypoxia early warning solution for aircrew. The Insta ANR, an active noise reduction system.



Our products

Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor

Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor, IPBAM, was developed to save aircrew lives.

Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor is a hypoxia early warning system that reduces the risk of physiological events (PE's). IPBAM alerts the user in low oxygen or pressure conditions by haptic indication to the breathing mask and by visual indication on the IPBAM main unit. 

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Insta ANR – Active Noise Reduction for Aviation and Demanding Environments

Insta ANR reduce the risk of hearing damage, improve radio and intercom intelligibility and improve aircrew performance by reducing the effects of noise on focus and decision making.

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We also cooperate with leading aviation operators and serve as an agent for aircraft electronic equipment, MIL-STD components and companies manufacturing defence and special electronic equipment.

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