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Advanced defence and technology solutions for the future

Expert Services in Defence

In-depth expertise in systems development and product development comprehensively supports the development of future defence solutions, system integrations and maintenance.

Our experts can help you renew your systems and develop them further

Do you want to renew practices, develop new systems and applications, or combine various existing services and systems to meet the needs of the future?

We can provide end-to-end, innovative expert services for various systems concerning

  • design

  • development

  • integration

  • testing.

Our experienced professionals will explore the possibilities offered by the current and available solutions as well as design new, cost-effective, and operational environments according to your requirements and quality criteria, such as NATO’s AQAP-2110 certification. We can also support you in the commissioning and further development of systems as well as their integration into a larger systems environment.

Our experts’ competence spans from subject matter expertise in defence to digitalization and cyber security. We can also utilize our solid knowledge of working with the authorities when we work on projects.

Our services include:

  • embedded system, software, and equipment solutions

  • cloud solutions

  • safety planning

  • support services across the life cycle

  • technical support for integration activities, support for systems design guidance and architecture management.

We actively participate in research and development activities in the defence sector in order to develop advanced and innovative solutions for our customers’ needs.

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Close collaboration for developing advanced technological and defence solutions for the future

Good networks and relationships with partners are emphasized in the development of new capabilities and future technological solutions.

We have worked together with the Finnish Defence Forces and other security-critical customers for several decades. This collaboration has provided us with in-depth understanding of the defence and security sector: We know how it functions and what the conditions of the operating environment are.

We can also support you in multi-supplier ecosystems, where each ecosystem actor has a specific responsibility and role in making the end product a reality. We bring technical expertise to multi-supplier environments, and we have an understanding of various systems and interconnected integrated systems.

We help organizations

  • prepare

  • design

  • integrate

  • launch and

  • execute

demanding system projects by utilizing proven practical approaches in extensive multi-supplier projects.

We can also support you with the development of multi-supplier project activities, project leadership, and the facilitation of collaboration.

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