Cyber security defence keys

Cyber security provides operational security

Cyber security solutions for the defence sector

Cyber security solutions designed for demanding conditions protect your critical data and improve capabilities

Cyber security solutions that enable multi-domain operations

Effective networked defence is made possible by several key factors, such as cyber security awareness, military cyber security, and countermeasures in cyber space, which bring operational security and reliability to networked national defence.

It is important to utilize technologies correctly and safely so that the networked activities and operations contribute to national defence and further improve capabilities.

We have extensive experience in developing demanding, combat-proof data encryption and data filtering solutions, and our solutions are related to network security, safe gateways, and secure identity.

We can also provide assistance with the strategies, policies, guidelines, and requirements that are required for the further development of information security and data protection.

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Cyber security

Cyber security consulting and services

Our services enable your company to choose the right strategies for managing cyber risks. With our assistance, you can also implement the strategies, policies, guidelines, and requirements needed to develop information security and data protection.

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