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16 - 6 - 2023 - News

Insta and Lockheed Martin signed cooperation agreement

Insta and Lockheed Martin Corporation have signed a cooperation agreement for developing next generation security and gateway solutions. This is the first agreement under indirect industrial cooperation in the Finland acquisition of the 5th Generation F-35.

During the project Insta and Lockheed Martin will develop together a Cross Domain Solution, a bi-directional next generation network security & gateway solution for demanding military use that enables cooperation in various security level networks.

Insta, which is focused on smart technology and cyber security, has long experience in developing demanding data filtering, network security and data encryption solutions. With this cooperation the solution is further developed for future data filtering needs.

“The cooperation enables us to expand our comprehensive and versatile product family of network security and data encryption solutions. This kind of gateway solution is needed in multi-domain operations. Command and control systems heavily rely on tactical communication capability to coordinate and execute operations effectively and our solutions address both Cyber and Operational security aspects,” tells Petri Reiman, Senior Vice President from Insta.

Lockheed Martin F-35 and landscape Insta

By combining the expertise and technological capabilities of both companies the goal of the two-year project is to develop a product which can also be offered to international market.

Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and one of Finland’s key partners for cyber security. We offer a wide range of services from consultancy to cyber-attack prevention and from network security to secure digital device identity.

We have operated in the defence market for more than 50 years. We deliver superior performance to our customers through our command-and-control solutions, secure communication solutions, and life-cycle services in avionics. Our services and products are trusted by corporations and public sector organisations in Finland and abroad.

Image: Lockheed Martin

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