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Advanced C2 systems and comprehensive solutions for improving situational awareness

C5ISR - Command and Control Systems

Our C2 systems and comprehensive systems are network-centric, compatible with both national and international systems, and have high security - on land, air and sea.

Timely response and decision making require having the most comprehensive situational picture possible. Establishing it requires reliable distributed solutions whose data transfer capacity, availability, and security meet the highest requirements.

Solutions to efficient decision-making

We design command & control systems for the headquarters level as well as for field leadership needs. We can also integrate them into your operating environment. We understand the importance of seamless joint function across the entire chain of command, and we are also a supplier of end-to-end defence systems.

Our mission-critical command & control systems are designed and developed for application in an operational environment in which an outside party attempts to hinder and prevent their performance using physical measures as well as cyber attacks. The implementation of our systems takes into account long service lives, the diversity of the systems environment, rapid advancement of technologies, and end-user needs.

In addition, we are able to combine ready-made, existing software and systems that are based on different technologies or platforms and ensure that the different systems function well together.

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Defence & Aviation

Empowering future defence capabilities

The utilization of modern technology enables meeting the demands of the battlefield of the future and building even stronger collaboration and networking between different defence branches and troops.

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Multi-domain C2 systems with advanced features

C5ISR, training and situational awareness solutions

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C5ISR and AirC2 products

C5ISR - Command and control systems

We design battle-proven C2 systems with advanced features for both headquarter-level and field management needs. We understand the importance of seamless cooperation through the entire chain of command, and we also deliver comprehensive systems for defence purposes.

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