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PRIVACY Consulting

The processing of personal data is part of every company's operations. We help you protect your personal data, build your customers' trust and turn data protection into a competitive advantage. For us, data protection is not just about regulatory compliance.

At the core of our operations is the idea of data protection and data security as a way to build customer trust, and our services are based on understanding our customers' business and business environment.

Comprehensive data protection expertise

Our experts advise and support you in matters and areas related to data protection, such as:
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Current state of data protection assessments
  • Privacy Policies and Other Documentation
  • Processes concerning the rights of data subjects
  • Personal data breaches
  • Data protection assessments of services and systems
  • Roles of controllers and processors and joint controllers
  • Agreements on the processing of personal data and international transfers
  • Reporting on data protection to management
  • Staff training
  • Implement built-in and default data protection in service and application development

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Jyrki Nivala

Jyrki Nivala

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