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Exercises on data protection processes

A data protection crisis exercise facilitated by Insta provides an opportunity for you to test the effectiveness of your data protection processes, practice using them, and measure your organization’s data protection maturity based on an imaginary incident scenario, such as a data breach.

On the day when Insta facilitates a data protection crisis exercise, you get to participate in a ready-made exercise whose background story, events, and assignments are shared with you via an exercise platform that is part of Insta’s Trasim service.

The imaginary incident or crisis scenario of the exercise is planned and implemented taking into account the special characteristics of your organization’s operating environment and its business.  Exercises enable your organization to test the effectiveness of its key data protection processes in a security breach, for example, and collect observations and learnings for further use by the organization. 

A successful exercise – one that is smooth, efficient, and impactful – is ensured by utilizing proven implementation methods and tools in the exercise process that are based on Insta’s extensive experience.  

Key benefits provided by an exercise: 

  • Testing the effectiveness of the data protection crisis management, processes, communication, and decision-making models – what works well and which areas could be improved? 

  • How do social media and the rapid flow of information impact crisis management and communication? 

  • Improving collaboration between the exercise participants – are we able to assess the risks and impacts of a personal data breach in time?  

  • Responsibilities in data protection crisis management – are the responsibilities inside the organization assigned clearly and have the key stakeholders been identified?  

  • Uncovering the operating models, instructions, and tools that have development needs – have we dimensioned the resources correctly and is our organization’s process for information security breaches effective enough? 

  • Increasing the interest and awareness of the organization’s key personnel toward preventive security efforts 

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