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Patented explosive charge and drone: Insta Steel Eagle™ is a new, unique and effective unmanned defence solution

Developed in collaboration between Insta and partner companies, the Insta Steel Eagle™ is an innovative and completely novel defence technology solution that comprises an effective, patented explosive charge and a drone, a system designed for demanding conditions and use-cases. The drone allows for transporting the explosive charge by air into an ideal position above the desired target, where it can then be detonated. The explosive charge contains steel or tungsten shrapnel, and it delivers fragments across a wide area of effect, precisely striking the desired target from above.

– This unique product can be utilized to support ground combat in strategically important areas, complementing other forms of kinetic effect. The explosive effect from above can be freely chosen by adjusting the altitude of the drone. This is a significant improvement compared to the fragment effect of mortar or artillery fire. The product concept complies with all international conventions ratified by Finland (Ottawa, Geneva), explains Tuure Lehtoranta, Vice President, Sales and Customers, Defence at Insta.

Decades of experience in defence technologies

For more than 50 years, Insta – a Finnish high-technology company – has been a front runner and a reliable partner in the defence technology market. Under the guidance of the Finnish Defence Forces, Insta has been participating in NATO partnership activities for years and develops NATO interoperable technology.

– Our new Insta Steel Eagle™ is designed for the domestic market as well as the international defence sector market. Our extensive research efforts and strong competence enable us to create new solutions as well as help our customers to develop high-capability defence technologies, Lehtoranta says.

Nordic Drones Oy is responsible for the easy-to-operate drone system that offers a customizable load carrying capacity. The development of the explosive charge has been carried out by Leijona Instituutti Oy, which is part of Insta’s Defence business. Oy Forcit Ab is responsible for the production of the charge.

Insta Steel Eagle™ belongs to the same product family with the Insta Steel Lynx™ take-off canister, introduced a few years ago under a different name. The development of Steel Lynx™ is nearly finished and the product is scheduled to be ready for the market by the end of 2023.

State-of-the-art technology and new inventions

The changed security environment creates new opportunities for Insta, which for years has focused on developing the production, technology, and competence for critical defence and security industry sectors as well as on supporting the related security of supply.

Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces, and its Defence business focuses on avionics maintenance and repair, solutions that secure pilots’ performance, command & control systems, simulators, cyber security, and system integrations for network-centric defence.

Finland’s NATO membership boosts international defence collaboration which is great for the Finnish industry as well as European security. For example, Insta will have a strong role in servicing the avionics of the future Finnish F-35 fighter fleet. The company has also signed a contract with Lockheed Martin on the implementation of a military data filtering solution.

– Finland has diverse, advanced expertise that can be utilized when strengthening and further developing international defence collaboration, Lehtoranta assures.

Unveiled at Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI)

The new Insta Steel Eagle™ will be introduced for the first time at Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition, in London on September 12-15.

In addition to the new product concept, Insta will at the event showcase solutions that have attracted international interest: air defence C2 systems employed in Finland, the Insta ANR (Active Noise Reduction) system, which has been previously supplied to Sweden and Brazil for use with SAAB Gripen fighter jets, and the IPBAM system (Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor), which Insta supplies to the Austrian air force for use by Eurofighter pilots.


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