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    Insta ANR - Active Noise Reduction for Aviation and Demanding Environments

    Noise is a common problem especially in military aviation. Cabin noise levels often exceed safe exposure levels and noise degrades pilot performance. Lowered noise levels reduce the risk of hearing damage, improve radio and intercom intelligibility and improve aircrew performance by reducing the effects of noise on focus and decision making.

    Insta ANR provides up to 30 dB of low frequency attenuation and the system can attenuate frequencies down to 30 Hz. The attenuation and frequency response of Insta ANR can be adjusted to suit the application, the noise environment and even a specific user. 

    Insta ANR was developed and tested according to Insta’s AQAP-2110 process.

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    “I have never heard this
    well during flight!”

    F/A-18 pilot after first flight


    • Reduced risk of hearing damage
    • Better speech intelligibility in radio and intercom
    • Reduced fatique and improved user performance
    • Tailored response for pilot and application

    Key features

    • DSP powered Hybrid ANR topology, attenuation up to 30dB
    • Separated from aircraft intercom
    • High passive attenuation
    • Active Noise Reduction On/Off switch
    • Up to 35 hours of operation
    • Easy to install
    • Comfort-Gel Ear Seals
    • Modular earcup design

    Tested and in use - provides significant low frequency attenuation

    Insta ANR has been tested in laboratory and in flight and field conditions. With DSP hybrid technology Insta ANR can provide up to  30dB active low frequency attenuation.

    Insta ANR is in operational use by Finnish Air Force.

    Beyond aviation - adaptable to different applications

    Insta ANR has been designed to fit directly JHMCS and HGU-55 style flight helmets but Insta ANR's modular construction can also be adapted to
    • Other flight helmets
    • Hearing protection headsets
    • Aircrafts and rotorcrafts
    • Ground Crews
    • Rescue
    • Ships
    • Industry environments


    "I can now hear engine, gearbox and rotors like I should. Hearing speech is also easier."

    Helicopter pilot


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    Pekka Lehtonen

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