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Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor

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Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor is a hypoxia early warning system that reduces the risk of physiological events (PE's). IPBAM alerts the user in low oxygen or pressure conditions by haptic indication to the breathing mask and by visual indication on the IPBAM main unit. Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor has a data log capability, and it is a standalone pilot gear - no aircraft integration needed. IPBAM is certified for military aviation and in fleet use at the Finnish Air Force.


A hypoxia early warning system that gives aircrew time to react

  • In operational use by Finnish F/A-18 fleet 
  • Safe-to-fly: Certified for Military use
  • Gives the pilot a hypoxia early warning
  • Reduces the risk of unexplained physiological episodes
  • Data logging capability
  • Supports de-briefing and root cause analysis
  • Standalone pilot gear - does not require any aircraft integration
  • Patented technology

Simple, lightweight, and ready for fleet deployment

  • User-friendly haptic alert
  • Pilots can feel the alert even in high G
  • Alerting functionalities align with NATOPS
  • New emergency procedures easy to train/learn
  • Small enough to pass ejection testing
  • Light enough to be a natural part of PFE
  • Low maintenance - needs only a small yearly maintenance

"The product does exactly what it promises."

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Monitors, calculates, alarms, and delivers data

Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor monitors oxygen level, breathing air pressure, cabin pressure, and temperature. It calculates the partial pressure of oxygen in the aircrew lungs and alarms the user about dangerous conditions. IPBAM also delivers a data log for measured and calculated parameters.

Based on science, proven by tests

Insta Pilot's Breath Air Monitor was developed together with the Finnish Airforce and Finnish Aeromedical Centre. IPBAM has been tested in laboratory, in-flight and field conditions. IPBAM was developed and tested according to Insta's AQAP-2110 process. 


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"Our data shows accurate correlation between flight profile and pilot's oxygen demand."

IPBAM Customer testimonials

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