Insta Steel Eagle combat system

New, innovative product family

Insta Steel product family

Unique and effective defence solution to support combat

Battlefield trailblazer

Insta Steel Eagle™Insta Steel Burst™ and Insta Steel Lynx™ are unique, high-performance and effective charge systems.

Innovative Insta Steel product family is developed to support active defence tactics. 

Insta Steel Eagle™ is an innovative and completely novel defence technology solution that comprises an effective, patented explosive charge and a drone, a system designed for demanding conditions and use-cases.

The drone allows for transporting the explosive charge by air into an ideal position above the desired target, where it can then be detonated.

The solution provides for the more flexible targeting of the effect on the desired target. The combination is capable of an effective, directionally based impact and is extremely accurate.

The solution:

  • has a wide area effect.

  • is significantly more effective than mortar or artillery fire.

The powerful charge, Insta Steel Burst™ can be integrated into UAV configurations.

Download Insta Steel Eagle™ technical datasheet

Insta Steel product family

Product family consist of three products

Insta Steel Eagle combat system drone


Insta Steel Eagle™

Effective unmanned defence solution.

Insta Steel Lynx on the ground


Insta Steel Lynx™

Ultimate ground-mounted bounding fragmentation charge.

Insta Steel Burst patented charge


Insta Steel Burst™

Powerful fragmentation charge which can be integrated to UAV configurations.

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