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Automation, instrumentation and electrification solution engineering

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Insta serves as its customers’ experienced expert partner in the engineering of automation, instrumentation and electrification solutions. Our services cover new investment projects and investments in changes and modifications, from basic engineering to commissioning. In addition to engineering, we offer expert services for project management and installation supervision. 

Automation engineering for the needs of customers, end users and installations

Our reliable deliveries and our broad and varied experience in automation systems cover the full range of needs, from the delivering of individual components to the design and supplying of automation systems for entire factories.

Our technology and method expertise is comprehensive. We manage standardized fieldbus technologies and safety automation systems according to IEC standards. In addition, we have strong expertise in database driven design systems.

Our customer-specific MES systems for production control enable real-time data collection from process automation into a database. We offer a wide range of solutions to further process the large amount of data generated by factory processes for beneficial practical purposes.

Process productivity management requires the high-quality engineering of field instrumentation

The selection of equipment and its connection to the process plays the most significant role in terms of process status measurements and control response. We choose the optimal technical measurement solutions and determine comprehensive acquisition specifications. 

We are your partner for the preparation of production plants’ field instrumentation plans, functional descriptions and documentation. We know the regulations and standards required for demanding process conditions, and we understand the requirements arising from explosive atmospheres and aggressive media. We also have broad and varied expertise in connection technologies and the requirements of security automation. 

Energy efficiency and operational reliability through expert services for electrical systems

High-quality electrification is a key aspect of operational reliability. High-quality electrification design ensures that unnecessary interruptions, costly repairs and reinvestments are avoided in production.

We serve customers in all areas of electrical system engineering, in the electrification of both processes and buildings. We offer electrical engineering for low- and high-voltage systems, measurement and analysis services and comprehensive services for energy measurement systems. 

Our network calculation service ensures the safety of the electricity distribution network in all situations. We conduct short-circuit and power distribution calculations and selectivity reviews with great professional skill.

By assigning Insta the overall responsibility for engineering and project management, you can focus on your business operations, and we will take care of the optimisation and development of automation, electrification and instrumentation solutions.

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