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Automation engineering

Automation design that considers the needs of the customer, installation, and end users

With professionally engineered industrial automation solutions, cost savings and improved safety are enabled across various industries.

Comprehensive automation engineering for industry

Industrial automation combines the different elements of a process into a functional system where the different manufacturers’ equipment and machines work effectively and reliably together. Automation solutions that consider the life cycle enable smooth and safe process control, production optimization, traceability and monitoring, efficiency improvements, and preventive maintenance.

A professionally designed automation system ensures the optimal operation of control valves, electrical motors, and other field automation equipment. This provides cost savings, reduces the environmental impact, and makes the work environment safer.

We execute a range of different overall process automation services at industrial and manufacturing facilities, in energy supply and water supply processes, and in stage technology projects. Our experienced automation designers always consider the life-cycle, execution, and end-use perspectives. Our areas of expertise include the standardized field bus technologies as well as the safety automation systems according to the IEC standards. Our experts have strong competence in database-driven design systems, and they utilize the latest technological know-how in their work.

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Our services

Our services include design and user interface programming for distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC) systems, and SCADA systems. We have wide expertise in design work compliant with the ATEX Directive, and we are qualified to complete design projects for Safety Class 3 equipment in the nuclear power sector in accordance with the Finnish YVL Guides. Our expertise in automation software covers numerous automation and safety logic systems, including Valmet DNA, Siemens (PCS 7, STEP 7, and TIA Portal), WinCC, Beckhoff TwinCAT, Rockwell, Schneider, ABB, and Honeywell.

We work on a contract as well as hourly basis. As agreed upon, we can offer continuous design services under a clear, risk-free open-book approach, whose transparent pricing guarantees efficient and timely purchasing.

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