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Instrumentation engineering

The management of process productivity requires carefully designed instrumentation

We are your skilled partner in engineering field instrumentation, creating operational descriptions, and documentation for your production facility.

Your partner in designing field instrumentation for your production facility

Professionally designed instrumentation ensures that the automation system receives the necessary process information in order to control the operation. This includes sensors and measurements that transmit information on the operation of valves, flows, temperatures, or surface levels. In terms of how good the process status measurements are or how effective the control response is, the choice of equipment and its connection to the process matter the most.

As your partner, we will help you prepare the plans, functional descriptions, and documentation for the field instrumentation of a production facility. We will design the most appropriate measurement solutions for your facility and prepare a comprehensive procurement specification. We know the regulations and standards applicable to demanding process conditions, and we understand the requirements set by explosive atmospheres and aggressive media. We have wide expertise in various connection techniques and security automation.

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with over 60 years experience

High-quality instrumentation design

Our long experience covers instrumentation design particularly for the process industry and chemicals industry, pharmaceutical industry, water supply sector, energy industry, and the marine industry. We offer instrumentation design services including preliminary design, equipment specification and dimensioning, implementation design for field instrumentation with circuit diagrams and connection lists, and installation design. Our professionals work using various systems, such as ALMA, AutoCAD, Cadmatic, COMOS, ProElina, and EPlan.

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