Electricity distribution services for transformers

Better reliability of electric power distribution through preventive maintenance that supports life cycle management

Life-cycle services for electrical distribution equipment

We ensure reliable electric power distribution with our maintenance, repair, and testing services for electrical distribution equipment and system at industrial sites, power stations, and properties. We guarantee the operability of electrical distribution systems and the reliability of production as well as the safe and stable operation of electrical distribution equipment.

Economical and sustainable electric power distribution in a changing operating environment

As the need for electric power grows, more attention is being paid to its cost-efficiency, operational reliability, and safety aspects. In line with life cycle management, preventive and periodic maintenance and optimized equipment replacements not only secure the uninterrupted operation of electrical distribution equipment, while minimizing unplanned failures and malfunctions, but they also enable the transition toward more energy-efficient, electric power distribution systems that use data-based management.

The life cycle of electric power distribution should be looked at comprehensively. The electrical distribution grid is an environment whose functions yield data that can then be used to optimize the system’s load capacity and production processes. Equipment replacements and modernizations enable digitalization when considering the transition to the next level: toward systematically interconnected equipment.

Employees of the Insta Electricity Distribution Unit working at a transformer.

Brand independent, flexible, and cost-efficient service across the life cycle of electrical distribution systems

The operational reliability, safety, and life cycle management of electrical machinery directly impact productivity and efficiency. As a life cycle partner in electrical distribution, we will ensure the timeliness of customer investments and apply equipment maintenance practices to prevent uncontrolled breakdowns and production outages. We offer maintenance, repair, and replacement services for electrical systems at industrial sites, power stations, and properties. The completion of thousands of projects over several decades has given us a great deal of experience that will benefit customers and equipment suppliers alike in the journey toward industrial operations that leverage better energy-efficiency and data-based management.

A close-up image of a high voltage power transformer substation.

Our field and workshop services for electrical distribution equipment

Our maintenance and measurement services include breaker maintenance, relay testing, transformer maintenance, and we offer expert services for thermal imaging, power quality measurement, transformer oil analyses, preventive maintenance programs, and electrical supervisor roles. As a brand-independent supplier, we have the capability to service and test equipment from all manufacturers.

An Insta employee stands with his back to the camera by the transformer, pasting an iNetti sticker to the door. Fairly tight cropping in the picture.

iNetti – real-time monitoring for contract maintenance

The equipment maintenance system iNetti, aimed at our electricity distribution maintenance customers, offers an effortless and reliable way to take care of the life cycle of electricity distribution equipment. Read more about iNetti:

The iNetti sticker is glued to the door of the transformer. The picture shows a close-up of a hand.
Euroopan suurimman kuparintuottajan Aurubis Finland Oy:n työntekijöitä
Systematic and smooth service takes care of the life cycle of Aurubis Finland’s electrical distribution equipment

Problem-free life cycle partnership in electric power distribution

Insta provides comprehensive, precise, and safe life cycle services for Aurubis Finland’s electrical distribution equipment. The partnership has improved the operational reliability of production equipment, the work stays on schedule, and the companies develop the systems further together.

– As a partner in electrical distribution maintenance, Insta offers a larger scale of services compared to other companies. It is easy to handle everything through one partner company. The operations have expanded to investments and automation and, for example, our weekly preventive maintenance is handled through Insta. Among other things, carbon brush maintenance is important for us, and it has been working very well, says Aurubis Finland’s Maintenance Engineer and Electrical Work and Operation Supervisor Toni Ketonen.

– There have not been any hiccups with electric power distribution for quite some time now. This has been a considerable change from before. Preventive maintenance has eliminated equipment failures, and the absence of power outages and breakdowns has, naturally, led to the greatly improved operational reliability of production equipment.

Expert and maintenance services to electrical distribution customers

Expert services

  • Electrical supervisor services

  • Electrical distribution consulting

  • Preventive maintenance plans

  • Equipment surveys and life cycle analyses

  • Configuration of protective relays

  • Thermal imaging

  • Power quality measurements

  • Grounding measurements

  • Battery capacity measurements

  • Installation supervision and commissioning services

Maintenance services

  • Maintenance and repair services for distribution equipment, 400 V–110 kV

  • Transformer oil analyses

  • Live equipment vacuuming

  • Medium-voltage cabling and terminations

  • Electric bus installations and modifications

Our services include maintenance, repair, and installation as well as the engineering of new equipment. Our activities are guided by an ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system, and the ISO 14001 environmental standard. We have undergone the service providers’ HSEQ assessment. We offer our services throughout Finland. We have facilities in Tampere, Pori, Espoo, and Muurame.

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