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Minimize the risks and ensure business continuity

Cyber situational awareness and cyber defence

Detecting cyber security incidents in time and responding to them quickly also makes recovering from them faster and more cost-efficient. In addition, the observations help identify the risks and improvement needs.

Identifying risks helps anticipate events and develop the level of cyber security in your organization. Correspondingly, establishing situational awareness for cyber security and employing services for cyber attack prevention are measures that ensure business continuity and make the organization more resilient.

By responding to incidents quickly, a company can avoid extensive damage and financial losses. If an incident escalates, our help is not far away. Our services will also ensure that your activities meet the regulatory requirements, such as NIS2 and GDPR.

SOC 24/7 service

On call around the clock

ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ITIL

Certified service activities

Choose the suitable services and get started conveniently without long-term commitments:

Your partner in cyber security development

  • Certified experts and in-depth expertise in security event analysis and incident response.

  • The service is provided from Insta’s ISO 27001 certified service environment by specialists who have passed security clearance.

  • Our customers include data communication and finance companies, security authorities and public administration organizations.

  • We have extensive technical competence in areas such as observing, investigating and monitoring security breaches as well as security information and event management.

  • We follow new technologies and constantly improve our services to meet changing customer needs.

Insta Security Operations Center

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