Insta SOC services

Cutting-edge cyber security expertise as a SOC service 24/7

Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7

Insta’s Security Operations Center, SOC, is our solution for round-the-clock cyber security monitoring, response, and continuous development to secure the customer’s operations.

Cyber security monitoring independent of time and place

Insta’s SOC (Security Operations Center) operates in Finland to monitor its customers’ IT and OT environments, establishing comprehensive situational awareness for cyber security based on automatic data collection and deviations processed by analysts – 24/7 year round.

Quick response and countermeasures to mitigate the impact

The response to deviations is based on “playbooks”, which are procedures that are defined in advance. The work is performed in close collaboration with customers and stakeholders in order to ensure that, if an event occurs, the most appropriate countermeasures can be taken in a quick, controlled manner. If necessary, we implement immediate countermeasures independently.

Preparedness and continuous development

In order to meet threats that are continuously changing, we develop and implement cyber security capabilities independently in order to ensure that our SOC service is up to date.

Insta`s SOC service features

  • Maintains situational awareness of the state and events of IT systems

  • Facilitates the fulfillment of obligations set by regulation, GDPR, etc.

  • Security incidents are detected based on automated monitoring of log data and network traffic as well as analysis of events by security experts in the SOC service center

  • Certified experts provide service with in-depth knowledge of SIEM implementations as well as analysis and mitigation of security incidents

  • Service is hosted in Finland at Insta’s security and quality certified service environment (ISO27001 and ISO9001)

  • Implementation model and service package can be tailored based on customer’s needs and the target environment

  • Insta is one of the providers of HAVARO service

Insta SOC services

NIS2-directive  I Insta

Are you part of an organization covered by the NIS2 cybersecurity directive?

Insta's SOC service helps meet the requirements of the NIS2 directive by monitoring organizations' IT and OT environments around the clock and enabling compliance with reporting obligations.

Learn more about the NIS2 directive and how Insta's services assist in both assessing the current state and meeting legislative requirements.

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