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NIS2 Assessment

The new cyber security directive (NIS2 Directive) and the Finnish act on cyber security, which implements it nationally, establish common and more comprehensive risk management and reporting obligations as well as supervision measures for critical sectors.

The objective of the NIS2 Directive is to strengthen and harmonize the level of cyber security across EU member states in the critical sectors defined in the directive, mitigate threats to network and information systems used in these sectors, and ensure the continuity of essential services when facing incidents. 
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Benefits of a NIS2 Assessment: 

  • Ensure your business continuity 

  • The assessment helps you prepare for the upcoming obligations that are stipulated by Finnish legislation. 

  • The assessment enables you to drive the management’s awareness of information security and choose the right actions for managing cyber security. 

  • The report supports the further development of cyber security, and it can be utilized in the prioritization of information security efforts. 

  • An assessment carried out by Insta can demonstrate your compliance with the NIS2 Directive’s obligations to your customers or partners, as necessary. 

Mapping out the current situation 

This involves examining the organization’s current status and its readiness to meet the obligations of the NIS2 Directive. The objective of the mapping is to determine the following: 

  • Does the management meet the training obligations? 

  • How are cyber security risks managed? 

  • Does the management monitor that the cyber security risk-management measures are implemented? 

  • Does the organization have the readiness to meet the reporting obligation as well as any ex ante and ex post supervision measures? 

Risk management 

Risk management workshops verify that the level of administrative measures is appropriate considering the risks. The assessment focuses on the following: 

  • Risk level of the organization’s operations 

  • Current status of the cyber security risk-management measures in relation to the risks 

Final report 

Insta’s final report discusses development needs and suggested solutions that address them. The service provides the organization with: 

  • An understanding of the organization’s current status in relation to compliance with the NIS2 obligations 

  • A prioritized list of areas for improvement 

  • A road map for compliance with the statutory obligations

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