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Planning and implementation of reliable embedded software

Embedded Systems

Secure software development for embedded systems and an in-depth understanding of hardware and operating systems.

Embedded systems as part of industrial networked solutions

We develop high-performance and secure embedded systems for various industries together with our customers. We integrate devices and systems into a networked whole and ensure the operation of real-time processes and a first-class user experience.

Whether it's device selection, embedded user interface development, ensuring real-time performance, or building an entire IoT system, we can assist in the most demanding needs.

Strong expertise in embedded systems

Our experienced experts are familiar with, among other things, control systems for mobile work machines, protocols for process industries, real-time systems for manufacturing and production facilities, and industrial internet.

Our expertise covers:

  • Architecture design

  • Technology and device selection

  • Operating systems

  • Device drivers

  • Protocols

  • Algorithms

  • Field buses

  • User interfaces


Examples of technologies we use include: Yocto Linux, RTOS, Rust, C++, Qt, and QML. We master robust, high-performance technologies and help make the right choice for the right place and develop a secure solution.

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Cooperation with the customer

Our way of working

We work in close cooperation with you to ensure the success of projects, achieve business objectives, and stay within budget

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