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SOC Service

Insta SOC (Security Operations Center) service protects critical IT systems by detecting attacks and other threats as early as possible, enabling organizations to react quickly and minimize damages. The service includes monitoring and analysis of security events, alerting as well as support for recovery from security incidents. Typical customers of Insta SOC services include e.g. telecom and finance companies, security authorities and state administration.


  • Maintains situational awareness of the state and events of IT systems
  • Facilitates the fulfillment of obligations set by regulation, GDPR, etc.
  • Security incidents are detected based on automated monitoring of log data and network traffic as well as analysis of events by security experts in the SOC service center
  • Service is provided by certified experts with in-depth knowledge of SIEM implementations as well as analysis and mitigation of security incidents
  • Service is hosted in Finland at Insta’s security and quality certified service environment (ISO27001 and ISO9001)
  • Implementation model and service package can be tailored based on customer’s needs and the target environment
  • Insta is one of the providers of HAVARO service

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