Better situational awareness of information security for your organization

Detection and alert system for severe information security violations HAVARO

We deliver better situational awareness of information security for your organization.

A reactive monitoring service provided from Insta’s Security Operations Center, in which the security alerts by Traficom’s HAVARO system are analyzed and processed by Insta’s SOC.

The service is provided in collaboration with Traficom and a sensor provider. Key areas of the service include:

  • A sensor that monitors the customer’s data traffic (Internet) against Traficom’s threat identification data.

  • Traficom’s data storage from where the observations are sent to Insta’s SOC for analysis

  • Event analysis by the SOC and reporting/escalating the alert to the customer.

We provide the HAVARO service to our customers in Finland who operate in sectors that are critical to the security of supply. HAVARO links the customer to the national information security network that detects severe threats. This way, the customer is supported by a wider information exchange group and an analysis service provided by our SOC, which enables them to improve their situational awareness of information security.

Insta SOC

The service improves the security of supply

Utilizing this service supports the maintenance of a national-level cyber security situational picture. Observational data on network traffic establishes a situational picture that is used to develop the reliability and security of communication networks and services as well as increase the understanding about information security, which benefits all of the organizations in the HAVARO network.

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