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Consulting on Comprehensive Security

Depending on the organization's goals, comprehensive security can be approached from different angles. Risks can be prevented and minimized within the organization's own operations, but some of the factors affecting security are related to the operating environment or to a wider reference framework. 

Experienced experts

Consulting on comprehensive security, as the name suggest, involves evaluating the big picture and examining security aspects from the perspective of appropriate frameworks and standards. Reference frameworks include, for example, the enterprise security model of EK (Confederation of Finnish Industries) and the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

We help you examine the overall situation of your security and develop appropriate plans to reach your target state. Should you want it, we can also take full care of the development project and implement the security practices in your organization. Please contact us for more information!

Our security assessment and development services include 

  • Security mapping
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Technical information security assessment
  • Action Planning
  • Developing a security management system
  • Designing security solutions

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