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MRO services

Our quality-certified MRO maintenance services ensure operational capability, safety, and the very best technological solutions.

Best performance through MRO Services

We provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aviation equipment, aviation systems and special electronics. We also offer extensive testing, research and product development services. We help our customers ensure and further develop the performance and results of their operations.

In accordance with the civil aviation EASA Part-145 regulations, Insta's component maintenance readiness covers the devices specified in our license (FI.145.0007) as well as sustainment capability for corresponding military aeronautical equipment. Our maintenance operations also include sustainment services for equipment and systems related to weapons and special electronics. Our calibration services fulfill the ISO 10012 requirements.

The certifications of Insta ILS cover the requirements on military aviation maintenance operations as specified in the Finnish Military Aviation Directive SIM-To-Lt-031, as well as the requirements on military aviation intelligence, supervision, and management system maintenance operations as specified in the Finnish Military Aviation Directive SIM-To-Lv-003.

Download our Part-145 Maintenance Capability List



ISO 9001:2015

Maintenance Organisation Approval (EASA Part-145)

Military Design Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 21J)

Military Production Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 21G)

Maintenance Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 145)

Military Aviation C4ISR Maintenance Organisation Approval (FIMAA SIM-To-Lv-003)

TRACE Certified


Maintenance work ordered