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Electrical distribution services

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We ensure reliable electrical distribution by providing maintenance, repair and testing services for electrical distribution equipment and systems for the needs of industry, substations and properties. We ensure the usability and production reliability of electrical distribution systems and the safe and reliable operation of electrical distribution equipment.  

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We are brand-independent, and operate flexibly and cost-effectively. Our range of services extends from maintenance, repair and installation work through measurements and analyses to the engineering of new equipment. We ensure the continuity of our customers’ operations by keeping the interruptions necessary for maintenance measures as short as possible. 

We offer maintenance, repair and rebuild services, as well as testing and implementation, for transformers, disconnectors, protection relays, circuit-breakers and switchgear, compensators and filter systems, electric drives, battery systems and direct current machines. 

We also carry out demanding installation and expert work, such as thermal imaging, cleaning electrical equipment under live conditions, medium-voltage cabling, protection relay configuration, electrical quality measurements, busbar installation and transformer oil analyses.

We serve customers across Finland. We have permanent locations in Tampere, Espoo and Muurame.

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iNetti - real-time monitoring for contract maintenance

The equipment maintenance system iNetti, aimed at our electricity distribution maintenance customers, offers an effortless and reliable way to take care of the life cycle of electricity distribution equipment.

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equipment maintenance system iNetti

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