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As an independent Finnish family business, we empower a secure and sustainable  future every day. We come up with solutions and operation models that are secure and efficient for the people, society, and environment.  

We help our customers to achieve their responsibility targets with our own responsibility activities. 

Our corporate responsibility is steered by our values and purpose. We have a strong social role, which is why responsibility is at the heart of our operations and visible in our daily actions.

It is important for us to acknowledge the impacts of our operations from the perspective of all our stakeholders: customers, owners, staff, partners, and society. When a responsible company is economically secure, it is well equipped to take care of the environmental and social responsibility. By developing out operations, we look after our staff in the long run.

Our ethical principles aim to promote sustainable development and good corporate citizenship. We want to ensure the responsibility and reliability of our supply chain.

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Social responsibility


Environmental responsibility


We safeguard our customers’ future


Insta's objective is to add value to the customers and to be a responsible employer.

Values and trust are at the heart of our operations. We acknowledge the impacts of our operations. We cooperate with authorities and carry out our social responsibility: we acknowledge the environment and society, companies, and organizations, as well as the individual. By helping our customers to succeed, we help to retain employment in Finland. 


We aim for sustainable development, and we help our customers to operate accordingly: we reduce our customers’ carbon footprint with digitalization. We respect the environment in our operations and use natural resources responsibly. Insta has an environmental system pursuant to the ISO 14000 standard and an environmental policy approved by the company’s Board of Directors which sets the goals for its environmental operations. We are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations, and we set goals in regard to environmental protection. We improve the environmental awareness of our staff and stakeholders and encourage them to be environmentally friendly. 

Our goals and targets are: 

  • To reduce consumption in relation to the number of people
  • To efficiently control the collection and recycling of waste, minimize waste volume and to develop the supply chain to become more environmentally friendly
  • To increase environmental awareness in procurement

Insta monitors changes in its operating environment and takes environmental concerns into account when developing its operations. 

Workplace community

The cornerstones of our strategy are customer orientation, and competent and committed staff. We truly care about our employees, and we aim to provide a healthy work-life balance. Our goal is for our staff to feel well and grow with us.


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Responsibility is the prerequisite for trustworthy operations.


Insta has an extensive history of 60 years, and planning far ahead is at the heart of our culture.

Insta aims to guarantee business continuity and uninterrupted operations in all circumstances and participates in national activities promoting security of supply. We look safeguard the future of our customers and, with our own operations, aim to promote the continuity of our customers’ operations. 

We comply with the law and regulations as well as competition legislation in all our operations. Integrity and trust are the cornerstones of our operations. In accordance with good governance, data can only be processed by those who have the right to it. 

We are committed to respecting and protecting the intellectual property rights of the company and our stakeholders. Our staff have the right to use the company’s property only for lawful business purposes and they are obligated to protect it from loss or unauthorized use.

Download Insta's Ethical Principles

Suppliers and partners

Responsibility to our customers and other stakeholders is a prerequisite for trustworthy business. You can truly trust Insta as we have earned your trust through our actions and daily operations. 

We treat our suppliers and partners in a professional and appropriate manner. We require our business partners at different stages of the value chain to operate responsibly and adhere to ethical principles.
We thoroughly review the backgrounds of our key subcontractors and consultants and require them to have appropriate industry expertise as well as good repute and integrity.


Insta’s objective is to be a trustworthy partner, which requires us to strictly take into consideration security concerns in all operations. We consider confidentiality and data security in our own processes essential.

We conduct a basic personnel security clearance for all potential employees and familiarize all new employees with the work. Our staff work in secure premises, and we maintain our skill by regular safety training, for example. We, at Insta, make sure that our processes are secure and meet even the strictest requirements of our customers.

In our operations, we take responsibility for the workplace community, customers, stakeholders, and the environment – without compromising on security.


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Workplace community & wellbeing


Responsible, sustainable supply chain

Certified security-1


Business areas

Customer orientation is at the heart of our strategy We treat our customers with honesty and trust. We have a high customer satisfaction rate.

In addition to different industrial sectors, such as, critical infrastructure and aviation and high technology industries, also other governmental organizations, public administration, and the public sector have expressed their trust in Insta.

We take into account the customers’ expectations and the commercial aspects of creating added value in all our operations.