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Join us in developing a safe society and changing the world. Our team of more than 1,000 top professionals solve even the most demanding challenges in customer projects that others can only dream about. As a family business, finding a perfect balance between work and life comes naturally to us.

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Insta as an employer

Unique projects and meaningful work

Insta carries out many projects that are unique in Finland. Our work is significant for society, and our varied projects also offer excellent opportunities for professional fulfillment and development.

A wide range of career opportunities

At Insta, you can affect your job description. A wide range of jobs are available within our company, and business development also creates entirely new types of roles and career opportunities. 

Excellent training opportunities for students

Dozens of students carry out their practical training requirements at Insta, and some also write their theses for us. Most of our trainees continue to work part-time at Insta after their practical training period, and their working hours are customised to fit with their studies. Many of our top professionals joined the company as trainees. Over time, they have gained the experience and expertise required for more and more demanding positions.

A reliable employer

We are a reliable partner for our customers and employees alike. We offer you a position in a stable family business as a member of an excellent team. We genuinely care for our employees and help ensure a perfect balance between work and life. We aim to develop together with our satisfied employees.

Insta employees at work

Competitive benefits

We seek to understand our employees’ needs and offer benefits and services that comprehensively promote well-being at work. We encourage our employees to exercise and take care of their health. We provide comprehensive occupational healthcare and implement various projects to maintain working capacity and well-being at work. We organize different kinds of events at the Group level and at the level of individual companies and teams. All our employees are covered by a performance-based reward system, and we have a personnel fund of our own.


Our values

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A family business

We are a Finnish family business. Insta’s various units are tied together by a focus on solutions, a strong team spirit and collaboration. We are flexible when necessary.

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We get it right the first time

We are proud of the high quality of our work.

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We succeed together

We are top professionals in our field. We take responsibility for maintaining and further developing our expertise, and we share expertise with our colleagues. We succeed by working together, and we are always there for our colleagues.

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We keep our promises

Reliability is a matter of honour to us. We are not afraid of working hard until we have fulfilled our promises to our customers and colleagues.

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