The Insta WahtiT™ range of services

Efficient quality control, proactive maintenance, and compliance with regulatory reporting

Insta Wahti™ – a range of services for demanding needs at production facilities

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, the reporting and situational picture suite that has been developed for actual customer needs provides versatile tools for collecting and storing data, reporting, alarm forwarding, maintenance, data visualization, and analytics.

Leave routine tasks to Insta Wahti™ and focus on what matters most

Manual monitoring takes a great deal of time and effort. The Insta Wahti™ range of services is designed to handle important routine tasks that require precision, thereby freeing professionals up to focus on where they are needed the most.

The Insta Wahti™ range of services will help you collect and refine process data and make the management of production systems efficiency more streamlined. It provides software that will flag deviations, optimize the consumption of energy and chemicals, and reduce your reporting burden.

In addition to conventional reports, the collected information can be visualized in understandable diagrams and linked to the process picture or the map. A situational picture that brings all of the data together offers real-time information on systems’ operation that enables a quicker response to malfunctions and analyzing them closely.

Waterworks pool in the morning sun

The Insta Wahti™ range of services includes the following software products that undergo continuous further development based on customer needs:

Insta Wahti™ Reporting software logo.

Insta Wahti™ Reporting

Wahti™ Reporting is a versatile tool for process reporting and situational picture monitoring. It scales according to your needs and enables the collection and reporting of measurement data and trend tracking. Wahti Reporting is built according to your needs, and you decide on its scope. Wahti Reporting helps you take care of hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports as well as fuel and batch reporting. It can even enable you to centrally view all of the financial, productional, and maintenance metrics that you need using the smart situational picture Focus that is powered by AI.

Focus AI uses an algorithm to detect and analyze process deviations, and that makes it significantly faster for you to respond to malfunctions and enables preventive maintenance based on analysis. With the automation of routine tasks, the situational picture frees the employees’ valuable time up to be used for more important tasks and improves transparency at all organizational levels. It can be applied in all industrial sectors.

The browser-based reporting software includes the standard interfaces and it can be deployed as a Microsoft Azure or On-Premises implementation.

Insta Wahti™ Support software logo.

Insta Wahti™ Support

Are you a contract customer of Insta’s maintenance and life-cycle services or otherwise interested in streamlining your maintenance operations? Wahti Support is a service that enables you to examine your system documentation, update software, easily send work requests to Insta, and track the progress of current tasks and projects. A task-specific history is stored for all events, and it is easy to return to individual stages, if necessary.

The browser-based service scales according to the device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), and it stores your repair and maintenance plans, details of maintenance work carried out by Insta, and lists of spare parts. It can be expanded to include all valid documentation that is necessary for maintenance and life-cycle management. This way, the software as well as the electrical, instrumentation, and automation documents, maintenance plans, and other documentation are stored safely on Insta’s secure server, and you can retrieve them using easy search functionalities.

Insta Wahti™ Alarms software logo.

Insta Wahti™ Alarms

Choose the Insta Wahti Alarms™ alarm forwarding software to guarantee that you will never miss any interruption or malfunction that requires your attention. The versatile software can be connected to control room environments that use the AVEVA System Platform, Siemens PCS 7, or Win CC. When the control room receives alarms, the software will forward them to the selected groups by text (SMS), email, or telephone.

You can prioritize alarms by defining alarm categories that specify when to send notifications for different types of alarms – whether they should be sent during or outside of office hours, or at all times. You can enter information on shifts and public holidays in Wahti Alarms so that, when an alarm comes in, the system knows who is working and who is off shift and can always forward the alarms accordingly.

An alarm monitoring tool enables you to track the numbers of alarms and identify the most frequently occurring ones. A redundant implementation of the alarm forwarding software ensures that your alarms will be forwarded even in case something unexpected happens. For the most extreme cases where the entire control room system fails, Wahti Alarms includes a Watchdog functionality which flags the situation.

Insta Wahti™ Flow software logo.

Insta Wahti™ Flow

Wahti™ Flow provides a map-based situational picture. It is especially designed for the visualization of various environments by providing a glanceable overview of the collected measurement data.

The situational picture delivered by Wahti™ Flow has been applied, for example, in the analysis of the water supply and wastewater network, where Wahti Flow compares the water sales data with the amount of water actually delivered into the area. In the map view, the software highlights the areas where these values are out of balance. The user can identify regional deviations and their magnitude at a glance, and so potential leaks can be detected faster.

You can specify the limit values in Wahti™ Flow based on historical consumption data and set the software to send an alarm if these reference values are exceeded. It is also possible to include notes on the map that describe the ongoing work in specific areas or other factors that create deviations.

Insta Wahti™ Access -software logo.

Insta Wahti™ Access

The Wahti™ Access application enables you to manage access control at your properties as well as remote destinations. For example, with Wahti Access, you can specify individual or group access rights for your subcontractors so that they can go through gates or doors by calling the agreed telephone number, as necessary. In addition, Wahti Access records the entry events for the purposes of any further follow-up and monitoring.

Kangasalan Vesi corporation's Mauno Annala and Insta's Arttu Hanhela sitting by the screens. A map view and situational picture graphs are displayed.
The Focus application from Insta Wahti™ Reporting is being used at a water utility (Kangasalan Vesi)

AI tracks water supply deviations, thereby freeing up human resources for more important tasks

The water utility Kangasalan Vesi invested in a Focus system that provides an overview of the data from more than 500 measurement locations. Besides cutting costs, the visual situational picture puts the organization one step ahead in terms of maintenance. The system was supplemented with smart analytics that uses AI to analyze measurements and then reports any detected deviations to the staff members.

– Among other things, detecting prolonged operating times has enabled us to find clogged pumps, while increased pumping volumes have led us to identify inappropriate releases of water to the sewer network, explains Head of Operation Mauno Annala from Kangasalan Vesi.

– These are exactly the kinds of tasks that automation and AI are well suited for.

Insta Wahti™ supports demanding sectors

The post-clarification facility located in the water treatment plant's yard area.


Reliable services that benefit the environment and water service processes

Clean water is something Finland is proud of. We engage in continuous product development in order to make water services even more reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. This is how we can take care of people and keep the environment clean.

High voltage towers in the rural landscape at sunset.


The Future Calls for Sustainable and Intelligent Energy

We support the green transition and strengthen the competitive advantage of our energy sector customers by offering automation and digitalization solutions that make energy production processes more efficient while reducing their environmental impacts.

Cropland with short depth of field and soft colors.


Product Innovations Are Vital for the Food Industry

We help food industry customers meet the challenges of modern food production. Our work is based on more than 40 years of experience in production control automation. Manufacturing process information has become a central factor in production, and automation and digitalization enable supply chain transparency.

A close-up of a formally dressed performer on the grand stage of a prestigious theater. The performer is depicted from behind, gazing towards the audience, with the lights and spectators blurred in the background.


Elevate Your Stage

In performance art productions, essential elements include safety, smooth execution, and the reliability of the control system. We deliver the most demanding stage technology projects that meet the international criteria with more than 20 years of experience and with the confidence of being the market leader in Finland.

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