Insta multidomain defence and command and control systems

Multi-domain C2 systems and situational awareness

Intelligent data-centric command and control systems

Our intelligent Link 16 native AirC2 systems are designed for all command and control levels. Our AirC2 systems include: state-of-the-art command and control systems and C2 training system and network security solutions including high-security VPN and cross-domain solutions.

Advanced solutions for air defence and establishing a situational picture

The future is heading toward network-centric operations in which leadership is less bound to a specific time and place, more effective, and based on a joint situational picture. Establishing a joint situational picture requires smarter command & control as well as communication systems with AI and analytics features.

Operational information systems must be combat-proof and be able to function reliably in conditions where an outside party attempts to hinder and prevent their performance using physical measures as well as cyber attacks.

The C2 systems and comprehensive systems that we provide typically are

  • network-centric,

  • compatible with both national and international systems,

  • have high security,

  • have built-in training capabilities.

Our systems enable collaboration between the different defence branches, e.g. in international operations.

Fighterjet digital future Insta

Command center and operations center solutions 

Command and operations center-level C2 systems support planning, execution and real-time management in military branch-specific and joint operations. High performance, combat resistance, and reliable information security combined with real-time data distribution provide ideal conditions for generating a large-scale operational picture and managing fast-paced situations like air defense.

All the information contained in the system, including the common operational picture (COP), can be distributed to all system nodes. In addition, the C2 system can be used to create real-time operational pictures for specific needs. Link 16 integration and compliance with military standards provide joint-operation capability in national and international operations for system users on different levels and secure connection and communications across all domains and levels in multiple command sites in real-time.

Control room military Insta


  • Common situational picture across services and allies

  • Best way to operate

Our command and operations center-level AirC2 solutions are based on

  • Modern and robust technology solutions

  • Good usability

  • Platform independency

  • International standards


  • Link 16 native

  • Network-centricity

  • Compatible with both national and international systems

  • High security and built-in training capabilities

  • Machine learning and AI elements and features

  • Multi-level systems.

Field Management Solutions

The field management system is a command and control system for combat troops for whom situation awareness is a prerequisite for effective operation. The system provides the prerequisites for quick decision-making by providing a leader with a real-time operational picture and information about the available resources. 

An essential part of the system are the weapon system interfaces, which enable the integration of different weapon systems into an integrated C2 system. The solution is intended for real-time management of combat troops in rapidly changing situations, so specific features related to this have served as the starting point of the design. 

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Mobile Battle Command

A mobile battle command system is a C2 system solution for situations where rapid mobility is critical. It provides an effective solution for combat management and for maintaining situational awareness, but does not require fixed operational premises. 

The system enables management of sensor and effector unit operation in such a way that threatening targets can be effectively detected and warded off. Combat troops can be provided an accurate and common operational picture that combines a situational snapshot created by locally operating sensors and a national snapshot. 

The solution is particularly intended for tactical management at the local level, so specific features related to this have served as the starting point of the design. 

Army mobile device Insta

Training systems integrated in the C2 training system

The command and control systems that we have developed have an effective integration into the C2 training system, which enables the completion of exercises partially or entirely based on simulation. Simulation of the operating environment, command chain, and data enables a very cost-effective and safe way to go through extensive exercises in which all of the parties operate within the same scenario. HLA is one of the alternative ways to connect parties using the same simulated environment to each other using standard methods. 

Training and simulation pilot Insta
Systems integration

Read more about C2 training system and our ability to integrate systems with each other

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