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12 - 4 - 2024 - News

Smooth and secure – Insta and Fortum create a solution for secure, collaboration-enhancing tools in nuclear projects

In nuclear projects there is simply no room for compromised cyber security. On the other hand, the flow of data between many stakeholders in the complex ecosystem must be made as unobstructed as possible – while also adhering to laws and regulations. Technology company Insta and Fortum have been doing joint research to meet these seemingly conflicting goals.

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Today’s project work calls for the sharing of sensitive data, documents, and communications among nuclear project stakeholders – such as plant owners, regulators, contractors, and third-party vendors. How to make collaboration secure in compliance with international as well as local standards and regulations while keeping the workflow smooth?

Fortum Nuclear Services with decades of hands-on experience in nuclear and decommissioning projects and Insta Advance, a trusted cybersecurity partner and one of the most significant providers of cybersecurity services in Finland, have joined forces to create a modern and safe, scalable operating model and IT solution to address the need.

“In our groundbreaking study, we analyzed the business and security requirements of a Nordic nuclear power company and designed a concept to support these,” says Jyrki Nivala, Senior Director, Cyber Consulting at Insta.

The resulting operating model both offers excellent cyber security and supports collaboration in many ways.

The power of collaboration

Otso Manninen, Senior Manager at Fortum, sees the collaboration of the two companies as a natural thing.

I feel that there is huge potential in enhancing collaboration in nuclear projects,” he says. “It can be attained with the combined cybersecurity knowhow of Insta and the deep nuclear industry understanding of Fortum.

The concept benefits the customer business in many levels:

  • Enhanced cyber security: Controlled and monitored to mitigate security risks effectively.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ability to combine and adhere to both international and local standards.

  • Cost Efficiency: Designed for purpose, offering significant cost savings and quick deployment.

  • Effective Collaboration: Seamless interaction between parties, reducing the need for travel and further driving down costs.

fortum x insta  Jyrki Nivala, Eero Nyyssönen & Otso Manninen

Jere Luukkanen, Project Manager at Fortum, finds it important to think of the customer benefits first.

After recognizing the opportunity to create something new, I explored my network,” he says. “I discovered that not only did Insta Advance match with the concept, but Insta Advance was also eager to contribute to the benefit of the customers.

New era of nuclear projects

With the demands for efficient, carbon-free energy production, the nuclear industry is now facing new activity. To ensure efficient, secure and cost-efficient projects, the industry needs productivity-enhancing tools with uncompromised security. Besides cybersecurity, Insta is also one of the top providers of automation and electrification solutions for nuclear power plants.

“Our own management and quality policies comply with the demands of nuclear legislation,” Jyrki Nivala points out.

Insta is also a YVL security class 2 approved service provider for installing and class 3 approved service provider for engineering and manufacturing nuclear power related systems.

As an example of how Insta’s expertise in industrial automation and digitalization is utilized in nuclear industry, Nivala mentions the installation work carried out in the automation renewal project at Loviisa nuclear power plant and the broad collaboration with Posiva’s final disposal solution.

“In this new collaboration with Fortum, we are exploring the concept of delivering secure, efficient and scalable solutions,” says Jyrki Nivala. “

Not only do they meet the requirements of nuclear projects but also aim to set a new standard for collaboration and trust across the industry.

A trusted and international supplier of cyber security services

Insta offers a wide range of cyber security services from consulting to cyberattack prevention and from network security to the secure digital identity of persons and devices. Our services, products, and broad international partner network are trusted by corporations and public sector organizations in Finland and abroad

fortum x insta  Jyrki Nivala, Eero Nyyssönen & Otso Manninen

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Further information:

Insta Jyrki Nivala, Senior Director, Cyber Consulting, [email protected]

Fortum Otso Manninen, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing, [email protected]

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