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A diversified technology company – Empowering a secure and sustainable future

We are a front-runner and reliable partner for our customers in the fields of industry, defence, software development, and cyber security. By combining state-of-the-art expertise and smart technology, we are improving security, performance and sustainability in a world where digitalization is accelerating change.

About us

Our independence, innovative way of working, proven, safe methods and tools, and our friendly customer service make us a desirable partner and market leader in various sectors. We deliver demanding and intelligent turnkey solutions for our customers. We are a service company with the ability to manage the service life cycle from implementation to maintenance and further development.

Our private ownership, customer-centric approach, commitment, and strong Finnish values make us a partner which our customers have been able to rely on for more than six decades. We secure critical infrastructure and contribute to ensuring the Finnish society’s security of supply.
People, competence, and sustainability lay the foundation for our company culture. Healthy, inspired, competent, and committed employees are our unique success factor.

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Values and responsibility

Insta is a Finnish family business with strong values in a global operating environment.

We comply with the law and regulations in all our operations. Our products, services and solutions are produced with a strong customer focus and certified quality. We cooperate with the authorities and pay attention to social responsibility in terms of the environment, society, companies, organisations and individuals. We invest in our employees’ well-being – every day.

Insta is a socially responsible company. In 2022, Insta Group generated a tax footprint of EUR 56.7 million in to Finnish society.

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We provide great results from the outset

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We keep our promises

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We develop expertise and succeed together

Insta means quality

Insta operates and serves its customers with certified quality. Our strong values also ensure the quality of everything we do.

Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of quality. Satisfied customers want to continue their business relationship and partnership with Insta.

Insta’s solutions are based on the best tried-and-tested technologies and practices in the field. We also choose raw materials, components, equipment and system solutions in line with this same principle. We always choose solutions that are optimal for the purpose of use, the customer, society and the environment, based on life-cycle assessments.

The results of our work meet the relevant requirements, and are durable, clean and carefully implemented. We always follow the agreed schedules, rules and practices. We require the same from our partners and subcontractors. Our high quality also covers our way of serving our customers: we support them by providing consultative, customer-focused and friendly service.

Our relationships with our colleagues within Insta are also characterised by high quality: we cooperate closely and help and support one another. These are the tools that our experts use to ensure the best quality experience for our customers and colleagues alike.



  • AQAP-2110
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001

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