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Life Cycle Services

Life cycle planning and life cycle services for high-tech systems, sub-systems and equipment.

Guaranteed reliability throughout the life cycle

The life cycles of complex systems are designed to be long. Systematic and cost-effective maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities have a significant effect on the total cost of investment. Sometimes keeping the original performance alone is not enough during a long life cycle: the performance also needs to be improved.  

Our life-cycle services for typically begin already in the system acquisition phase when we help design the overall maintenance concept and security-of-supply requirements together with the customer. During long life cycles, we ensure the operational reliability and safety of systems, subsystems and equipment as well as predict future maintenance and component replacement needs. We also implement life-cycle upgrades and improve performance capabilities.  

Our customers can rely on our long-term cooperation and careful operational development. Our services guarantee the operational reliability of systems throughout their life cycles. 



ISO 9001:2015

Maintenance Organisation Approval (EASA Part-145)

Military Design Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 21J)

Military Production Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 21G)

Maintenance Organisation Approval (FIN EMAR 145)

Military Aviation C4ISR Maintenance Organisation Approval (FIMAA SIM-To-Lv-003)

TRACE Certified

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