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Maintenance and repair services of aviation systems and aviation technology

Maintenance and life-cycle services for avionics systems

Development and maintenance of aviation equipment, aviation systems, and special electronics across their life cycle with certified quality

Security of supply across the life cycle of aviation equipment

Maintenance and repair operations in the defence sector are subject to strict regulations, and the service life of the equipment is long. This requires continuous development and updates in order to ensure that the equipment remains up-to-date and effective.

We help our customers develop and ensure the performance and results of their operations and guarantee safety through maintenance and repair services for critical systems, devices, and equipment.

Our services cover the entire life cycle of aviation equipment and aviation systems from research and product development to repair and maintenance. The Finnish Defence Forces, authorities, and civil aviators rely on our competence.

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Aviation equipment service and development of capabilities based on decades of experience

Our decades of experience in maintenance services for aviation equipment and our in-depth expertise lay a solid foundation for providing repair and maintenance services to our current and future customers.

Machines and equipment may contain technologies that date back many decades and, therefore, their maintenance and further development require an understanding of the old solutions as well as new ones.

We service equipment and provide system maintenance and life-cycle services for different military branches of the Finnish Defence Forces as well as for authority and civilian organizations.

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