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Secure Development

The best time to fix vulnerabilities is before they are even created.

The modern way to build secure systems is to include security in every step of the product development process. 

Our Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) approach is based in the industry leading standard IEC 62443-4-1. We can help you with specific details or walk you through the process of implementing a SDL from start to finish.

We firmly believe that secure development isn't something that can be outsourced. Instead we are here to improve the internal capabilities of our customers.


Implementing SDL according to 62443-4-1 is fairly simple in theory. There are 46 different requirements that your development team needs to meet in addition to their regular work.


It can be difficult to make the secure development processes part of the regular routines of the developers.  It's not unusual to see companies which have a SDL process in place on paper, but developers don't have enough time or motivation to follow them in practice.

Current State Analysis & Roadmap

Analyzing the current processes is a great way to start work on the SDL.

As a result you'll get a high level roadmap for the next steps on your journey to SDL.

Secure by Design

We'll help you find the correct security level for your product and create an architecture that allows you to get there. 

You can find and mitigate the biggest risks before they leave the drawing board by using threat modeling.

Security requirements from start to finish

The key of a successful SDL implementation is to have a working pipeline where security related issues are handled properly and tracked to closure.

Vulnerability handling & coordination

Vulnerabilities need to be assessed, prioritized and dealt with in a timely manner.

Do you know what to do when someone emails you about a vulnerability on your product?

Security testing

We'll help you set up systems that can discover software flaws before they go into production.

Our technical testing team of white-hat hackers is also ready to do in-depth vulnerability and penetration testing for your products.

Awareness & Training

Our trainers have a wide area of expertise with topic related to secure development.

You can also benefit from our e-learning material.


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