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Secure Development Lifecycle e-Learning Solution

SDL e-learning

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) e-learning is a package of informative and professional courses for self-study. The course assets are easily accessible in the Insta Academy e-learning platform where the latest professional SDL course materials are at your disposal.

Secure Development Lifecycle e-Learning Solution Benefits for Students 

Provides a learning platform for  

  • Self study for organizations 

  • Support for SDL process development 

Online learning that responds to individual needs and learning curve 

  • Available anywhere via web browser 

  • Courses can be repeated if needed 

The latest and most up-to-date information at your disposal Benefits for Superiors 

  • Measuring for organizational competence (with quizzes and review options) 

  • Scalable way to improve the knowledge level of organizations' key personnel 

  • Minimal effort to organize courses 

For The Customer Organization 

  • e-learning service hosted at Insta Academy. 

  • Quick setup, “vanilla” courses immediately available 

  • Possibility for customized courses 

  • Fully scalable solution- access anywhere 

  • No own upkeep or maintenance needed - included in the service 

Getting Started The SDL online courses are quick to activate for your team. They are provided either as a separate service or as part of a complete SDL solution. 

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Secure Development Lifecycle (85 minutes - 4 modules) 

  • Leading the SDL (40 minutes) 

  • Security Requirements Management (25 minutes) 

  • Security Threat Modelling (25 minutes) 

  • Secure Design and Implementation (175 minutes - 6 modules) 

  • Security in Product Documentation (10 minutes) 

  • Security Testing (45 minutes - 3 modules) 

  • Security in Product Maintenance (25 minutes) 

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