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27 - 3 - 2024 - News

Our website has been renewed – a more user-centric structure guides users to the right content

Insta's website has been renewed, encompassing its appearance, structure, and content. The new, modern website is poised to support business growth optimally both now and in the future. Central to these changes was enhancing the discoverability of content, ensuring accessibility across all devices, and improving the overall user experience

The goal of the renewal was to create a clearer and more user-friendly website that better serves our target audiences and prominently showcases our services and brand. As part of the renewal, the technical implementation of the website was improved, and the site was completely transferred to a new web platform. The new, more modern renewal is easily scalable and adapts to changing content requirements, while better responding to the new opportunities brought by technology.

The modern platform enables agile development

Websites serve as crucial touchpoints for a company's digital presence and brand. The previous website implementation no longer effectively showcased Insta's diverse expertise in terms of structure, content, and navigation. To lay the groundwork for the website renewal, a comprehensive conceptualization was conducted to clarify and define the channel's target audiences, content, metrics, and desired structure to meet the current and future needs of the company.

The goal was to create an agile website and structure that provides a better customer and expert experience, is accessible, and supports business objectives. It was deemed important that the user-friendly overall design and platform choice also enhance the site's digital discoverability from a technical standpoint. The website's appearance is designed respecting current brand colors, considering mobile usage, and accessibility.

A website is never ready; its development is continuous. The new platform provides us with better opportunities to support and enhance Insta's multichannel digital presence. In the future, it will be easier to modify and develop the website as the brand and business needs evolve

stated the Marketing and Brand Manager Hanna Vanhanen.

Meganavigation assists in finding the right content

The website structure now more accurately reflects Insta's multidisciplinary operations. Our diverse business activities are now better showcased on our website, making it easier for potential customers, experts, or partners to navigate through our company's content and comprehensive solutions.

Business units are now categorized under their own sections in the meganavigation:

In the top navigation, we have highlighted Insta Group's entities, covering the entire group, as well as career and recruitment content. Here, you can find basic information about Insta, including its history, strategy, and sustainability, as well as contact details for our offices.

Welcome to explore!

The new website is actively developed based on feedback and analytics received after its launch.

We warmly welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement – please help us develop our website or let us know what you think of the renewed site. Please leave your feedback and ideas through the form (it only takes 1–2 minutes to respond):

Give feedback and help us improve our website
Uudet nettisivut Insta

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