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Insta Industrial Data Platform

Utilizing data for better business operations – an intelligent cloud-based data platform for the industry

Data is at the core of an industrial company’s success. It creates opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations and boosts competitiveness. Data based leadership is an increasingly important competitive factor and the utilization of diverse data makes it easier than before. Insta’s Industrial Data Platform offers a comprehensive situational picture of the different data sources, enables the optimization and automation of processes, and enables you to make better decisions based on the information that it provides. 


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Maximize the value of your data with an intelligent data platform   

Watch the video for our views on utilizing data and, for example, production information and using it to develop and grow industrial business. 


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A data platform compiles the data from different sources into a single interface

As digitalization advances, the opportunities for production optimization and intelligent maintenance operations keep improving. Data-based solutions enable using the existing equipment more effectively, which improves business profitability and increases proactivity even in complex processes and maintenance in order to prevent issues ahead of time. 

Safety and the green transition are relevant topics in any sector. Better utilization of data and having a situational picture improve safety, and a more detailed optimization of energy, raw materials, and consumables makes it possible to minimize the environmental impacts. 

Accurately and securely imported data enables decisions that can be relied on

Insta’s Industrial Data Platform helps direct the attention of people in the right place at the right time. The data collected from different sources can be visualized into a broad and comprehensive situational picture, which enables a more thorough analysis and better inputs for decision making in terms of strategic leadership as well as experts’ daily work. Our data platform lays the foundation for smart automation that saves time as well as resources.


Why you should choose Insta Industrial Data Platform?

Insta’s intelligent industrial data platform provides selected data centrally from a single location to support timely decisions at all organizational levels. Build your own toolkit using the smart features and, optionally, integrate third-party services flexibly into the platform.
  • Create new business, cut costs, or boost production efficiency by utilizing AI and data analytics
  • The integrated data can be utilized for various purposes with faster development cycles as well as in individual development projects
  • Usage-based pricing – scalable to different needs
  • Ready functionalities for the most common industrial needs 
  • The solution can be fully tailored and extended according to the customer-specific business functions
  • Cyber security has been considered at all of the stages of development

Benefits for your specific business 

Our data experts will gladly provide you with a consultation on the ideal data applications for specific sectors, such as:

  • A centralized situational picture of the data that is generated across all the different data systems in an organization
  • OEE calculation for measuring production efficiency
  • Metrics for equipment availability and efficiency
  • Anomaly models
  • Optimization of production and energy consumption
  • Intelligent detection of maintenance needs
  • Centralized data repository and comprehensive reporting built around it

Flexible and agile implementation 

Typical users of Insta’s Industrial Data Platform are large and medium-sized industrial companies from all sectors. The Industrial Data Platform is based on Microsoft Azure technologies. It can be set up in the customer’s own cloud environment or hosted in Insta’s environment and delivered as a service, utilizing our expertise and experience.

Are you unsure about whether the better utilization of data through an intelligent data platform would serve your company’s needs? Reach out to us and request a demo from our experts in order to obtain a better understanding of how we can help your business to utilize data better. 

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Why you should choose Insta?

Digitalization and data create value when the technology is connected with the business and daily operations in the right way.

Our experts have more than 60 years of experience in industrial automation and they understand the possibilities that data offers. This makes us the best partner for the utilization of industrial data. We will help you find out how your company can create new business, cut costs, or boost production efficiency by utilizing AI and data analytics.

Read the customer case - Loimua


Insta’s Industrial Data Platform offers ready basic tools for utilizing data for business purposes. This makes it inexpensive, risk-free, and quick to get started even for SMEs. A large investment comparable to establishing a new production line is not required. Instead, the data allows for making the best of the tools that the company already has.

Icon, hands on a tablet

Validated data for decision making

The data platform gives you access to the right data at exactly the right time.

Cogwheels appearing in a display and flowing through air

Benefit from data synergies

By utilizing data, companies can enable continuous development and improve the cost-efficiency of their operations.

An icon expressing hierarchy

One interface for all data

The situational picture enables you to monitor data sources centrally, thereby making working in control rooms more effective, for example.

A light bulb appearing in a display screen

Ready functionalities

The platform provides ready interfaces for the most common industrial needs. It includes two-way OT connectivity, a map-based situational picture, and a history tool as well as a data repository & reporting engine.

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Tailored specifically for your organization

Insta’s data platform can be fully tailored and extended according to your unique business needs.

A shield with a lock on it

A cyber secure solution

Information security is built into the solution. Insta has more than 30 years of experience in working as a trusted cyber security partner of the authorities and critical infrastructure operators.

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Finnish expertise to help you

You can trust our more than 60 years of experience in industrial data collection, automation, and data analytics.

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