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Insta SafeLink VPN Solution

Insta SafeLink is a high-security Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for the strong protection of communication between sites and offices of organizations. Typical users include the defence sector and other public authorities, as well as companies with security-critical network connections.

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VPN Solution for Critical Connections

Insta SafeLink is a VPN (Virtual Private Networking) solution enabling secure connectivity for multi-site organisations. Insta SafeLink is suitable for several types of environments, ranging from interconnecting a few sites to the global networking of an organisation with hundreds of sites.


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System-Wide Security Concept

Insta SafeLink’s unique security concept covers all aspects required by mission-critical systems. These include state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, secure key generation and transfer, strong user authentication, and physical security of the VPN Gateway appliance.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

Comprehensive routing protocol support enables connectivity without separate routers in most network environments. Additionally, a single appliance can be used for handling information with different security classifications, providing cost savings by reducing the number of appliances.


  • NCSA-FI TL III/TL IV approved VPN solution
  • Built upon a system-wide security concept, including built-in key and user management
  • Support for the latest and strongest algorithms
  • Evolving and supported, a life cycle of 10+ years guaranteed
  • Expandable and upgradable solution
  • Also available as a service



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Insta SafeLink

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