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    Insta Blue Aware Situational Awareness Solution

    Insta Blue Aware™ is a lightweight and scalable web based situational awareness solution for optimizing your decisions and operations. It connects to multiple data sources, combines, and presents a uniform and shared map based situation picture in a web browser. Insta Blue Aware works on laptop, tablet and smart phone. 


    Insta Blue Aware is suited for visualization and sharing of information within or between organizations in order to provide all participants in command centers and field accurate situational awareness. 

    The connected data sources can be e.g. IoT-data, open and commercially available data sources (e.g. air traffic data, train or busses) and various data from existing systems used in customer’s daily business. Data may contain also image and video feeds and links to any web content. 

    Insta Blue Aware is able to scale to multiple hardware configurations based on the need for processing power. Therefore, it is easy to deploy to different cases and environments either large or small. Insta Blue Aware can execute on a single laptop or scale up to a server farm. 



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