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Unmanned Aviation

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The growth and technological development of unmanned aviation offer completely new types of opportunities in many sectors. However, the increase in performance and the level of autonomy also give rise to new questions and concerns. 

Insta is an expert organization, which is the chosen partner of, among others, several authorities and has a strong experience in helping to fully use the possibilities of unmanned aviation, without compromising aviation safety.

Reliable professional services with solid experience

Our expertise covers the whole lifecycle of unmanned aviation from requirements analysis to designing operative concepts, planning flight operations, evaluating and selecting unmanned aviation systems, executing test flight programs and delivering the end-to-end operations as a service.

Our services include acquiring required flight permissions and air space reservations under the new EASA regulation. We also offer solutions for drone-assisted situational awareness. 

Out vast experience of operational tasks, together with a deep understanding of UAS technologies and the knowledge of unmanned aviation regulations, give us excellent tools to carry out customer assignments.

Regulation services

The common European unmanned aviation regulation, which became applicable on 1/1/2021, has significantly changed the requirements in Finland for unmanned aviation. Currently, unmanned aviation shall mainly be based on operational authorisations, the application of which calls for a comprehensive and good knowledge of the regulations.

We help our customers to build unmanned aviation organizations and apply operational authorisations. We prepare the necessary documents together with the customer and, if necessary, help the customer during all the stages of the application process.

Acquisition support

At Insta, we also provide assessment of various projects in view of financing, or, after the request of a customer, plan the start of a new type of operations. We are able to find the critical factors of different types of unmanned aviation projects and, if necessary, to look for solutions for them.

During customer assignments, we have gone through nearly 2000 different aircraft systems, starting from multi-copters and leading to VTOL hybrids, not to speak of the various payloads.

We help in piloting comprehensive solutions and in productizing. Also, we operate comprehensive systems, or train their use to the flight personnel.


We train remote pilots, both for the needs of government unmanned aviation and private aviation. In addition to pilots, we train company management and other personnel according to needs.
Insta is also capable of training to the customer the use of the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) system needed for special category permits. 

Testing and test flight operations 

We have planned and tested the performance of systems belonging to different categories, both on land and at sea. We have extensive experience and know-how in carrying out test flight operations, beginning from the mini-class of a few kilograms and ending up with UAS systems weighting hundreds of kilograms used by security authorities. We are also well acquainted with the technical characteristics of the various flight payloads and always provide our customers with a reliable analysis about their functionality and operative usability.

We carry out most of our test flights at the permissive UAS airspace zone in Teisko, Finland, granted to us by Traficom. We have rented hangar and office spaces there for our operations. We have also been allowed the temporary danger area EFD657, which, if necessary, also enables demanding operative test flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).



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